Stayaway Motion Activated Cat Repellent

Stayaway Motion Activated Cat Repellent Overview

We all love our pets but sometimes they require a little training and sometimes we flat need a friendly and safe Cat Repellent.

That’s when the motion activated StayAway by Contech comes into play.

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Motion Activated Cat Repellent Review

Household pets are clever creatures, just one of the reasons we make them part of our homes in the first place. For this reason, using a spray bottle or can of air yourself only teaches them they can’t be naughty when you’re around. With the Stayaway, your pets will quickly learn that there are some places that are simply off-limits, no matter where you are.

Once the StayAway’s motion sensor has been tripped, the device sends out a sharp blast of air that surprises your pet enough to make then turn away. It causes them no harm, other than a startly, but it is effective in helping them learn their bondaries.

The infrared sensor is effective between a range of 3 feet and 7 feet, and the sensor can be adjusted to one of five positions, allowing you to tailor its range according to your needs but you may still need to consider a backup unit depending upon the size of the area you want to protect.

Contech Stayaway Cat RepellentThe device will first make a loud noise before the air is released and, pretty quickly, your pet will come to associate the noise with the blast of air to follow. The canister can then be set to only make the noise when triggered, saving you plenty of money on replacement canisters. This option might not work for everybody as some of you will have pets that insist on trying their luck. Each individual can is good for 200 sprays, enough to make sure that even the most determined pet gets the message.

Along with purchasing new cans of air, you will also need to buy 4 AAA batteries to power the speaker, the infrared sensor and the nozzle itself. However, none of these functions takes up much power so each lot of batteries will last you a good long while. Even the infrared sensor, which stays on all the time, uses a negligible amount.

My wife and I actually used a device similar to this when we had cats in the house. The cats were quick to learn their boundaries but that didn’t prevent them from testing them every once in a while. The set and forget component of this training device helped address this concern. In fact, the funniest part of the device is when we would forget about them and set them off ourselves. We’d startle and you could hear cats in all corners of the house ducking for cover.

Stayaway Motion Activated Cat Repellent Conclusion

From first-hand experience, I can attest that this product works. If you need to keep a room or set of blinds or curtains off limits from your cats, the motion detection and spray burst was an effective training tool.

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