Whenever a really bad infestation occurs, the old rule of thumb is to call the exterminator right away. However, opting for the services of a professional exterminator can easily set you back several hundred dollars. For many, repeated trips and application plans simply are not an option.

That’s why we’re here.  To help find safe and cost-effective solutions for your pest control and pest repelling needs.

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As a matter of fact, there are so many manufacturers of ultrasonic pest repellers that many buyers get confused or overwhelmed as to what they should really buy.

Pest Repeller Center is here to show you the best ultrasonic pest repeller in different categories such as bird repellers, dog repellents, cat repellents, bug repellers, and rodent repellers. We also sorted the devices into the most popular brands and by type (electonic, repeller, trap, etc.) so finding the perfect one is easy.

Here’s a fun video telling you a little more about us and the need we’re here to solve.

Interactive Pest Repeller Table

PictureRepellerCoveragePriceOur Rating
Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller-4 PackLarge$$3.1
bell-and-howellBell and Howell 4 Pack w/ Night Light and Extra OutletLarge$$3.5
bell-and-howell-3-packBell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers w/ Extra Outlet (3 Pack)Large$$3.2
P3 International Attack Wave Ultrasonic Pest RepellerLarge$3.1
Bell Howell Pest Repeller 6 PackLarge$$$3
Pest Offense Original Electronic Pest RepellerMedium$$3.3
Riddex Sonic Plus w/ Side Outlets (Set of 3)Medium$3
Bird-X YG Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal RepellerLarge$$2.9
Garden Creations Ultrasonic Cordless RepellerLarge$2.7
ET Pest ControlLarge$$$$4.2
Bell Howell Motion Activated, Ultrasonic, and Solar Powered Repeller w/ Rechargeable BatteriesMedium$$2.5
Yard Sentinel RC /w Motion Detector, 4 Key Remote, Strobe & New Sonic Harrasment & Predator SoundLarge$$$$$2.8
Sunforce Solar RepellerLarge$2.8
Battery Operated Ultrasonic Rat and Mouse RepellerMedium$3
Pestbye Battery Operated Electronic Cat RepellerSmall$$3.1
Predator Guard (Best-seller)Small$$4.4
Victor M754 Mini PestChaser Rodent Repellent, 4-PackMedium$$2.7
Nite Guard Solar Predator Control Light, Single PackLarge$3.6
Riddex Plus Pest ControlSmall$3.2
Sweeney's Mole and Gopher Twin Pack Sonic SpikesLarge$$2.8
Bird-X BG Balcony Gard Ultrasonic Bird RepellerLarge$$$2.6
Bird-X Deer Gard Ultrasonic Deer RepellerLarge$$2.8
Contech StayAway Motion-Activated Cat DeterrentSmall$$$$3.9

Due to the changing prices of these products we opted to use “$” to represent their price range. One “$” means $10, so a product with four “$” means it’s in the $40 range. The price change will not be drastic, however.

There are so many different brands and varieties of ultrasonic pest repellers in the market that we’ve only scratched the surface. You should know that we’ve only included the cream of the crop repellers from the most trusted manufacturers like Bell & Howell (popular review here), Riddex (popular reviews here and here), Pest Offense (popular review here) or Victor (popular reviews here, here and here). Here are the criteria we used to review the products:

  • Average customer rating
  • Product Specifications
  • Number of reviews
  • Our personal experience.

Rest assured that these devices are the most tried-and-tested products you can find on ANY store, online or offline.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Before you begin choosing your repeller, you should get to know what’s available on the market first. Here are a few things that we think might help you in choosing which ultrasonic pest repeller is most suited to you.

We’ve also reviewed over 60 individual products so be sure to use our article category tags to find the right product for your pest control needs.

What is an ultrasonic pest repeller?

An ultrasonic pest repeller is any device, electronically powered or not, that is designed to repel various nuisance, usually rodents or insects. However with the recent technological innovations, they have become synonymous to any electronic pest control devices.

They come in different varieties that serve different purposes. Some are designed to target specific creepy crawlies such as Victor M792 Heavy-Duty Sonic PestChaser which works wonders against mice while others serve a more general purpose such as the Pest Offense POBD-I-01 Original Electronic Pest Repeller that works for both rodents and insects.

Are they safe to use?

Honestly, a traditional repeller does not guarantee safety especially when children and pets are present. Rat and mouse pastes and sticky traps all contain chemicals that when ingested, are potentially fatal to humans and pets.

However, these products (i.e. gels and liquid baits) have proven themselves time and time again – you can be sure that these types of repellents will do the job.

On the other hand, ultrasonic pest repeller devices that use high-frequency sounds are gaining popularity due to four main reasons: affordabilityefficacylongevity, and most importantly, safety

A repeller that runs on batteries or electricity does not contain hazardous chemicals – each of these operates by emitting ultrasonic sound, a high frequency sound inaudible to the human ear. Due to the nature of the product, ultrasonic repellers are safe around children (or human beings for that matter) and pets.

Are they effective?

You can only say that a product (or any ultrasonic pest repeller) is effective if it really does what its manufacturers promised it would do. Fortunately, an ultrasonic repeller lives up to their claims most of the time.

They target an animals’ nervous system or take advantage of their supersonic hearing to kill or at least shoo them away from your home. On the other hand, because of the varying nature of these obnoxious creatures and their fluctuating tolerance to ultrasonic sound, the ultrasonic repellers are expected to NOT work 100% of the time, nor are their results instant. But that’s why we’re here – to help you choose the one.

Here’s a video from Victor that shows how to set your repeller in action!

How do they work?

An ultrasonic pest repeller works by emitting a sound with a really high frequency ranging from around 20,000 Hertz. This frequency is so high that human beings cannot hear it…but your dreaded creepy crawlies do.

These pests have extra sensitive hearing and the sound disturbs the heck out of them! Grasshoppers can hear ultrasonic sound ranging from 50,000Hz to 100,000Hz and moths can hear sound up to a whopping 240,000Hz.

This type of electronic repeller emits such high-frequency sound that it will send spiders, ants, and even the daddy long legs packing their bags and moving on.

A close relative of the ultrasonic repeller is an electromagnetic repeller. It works by altering the electromagnetic field of wiring in your home. This EMF sends impulses that not only disturbs and freak out pests, but it also makes it impossible for your unwanted guests to adapt to the impulses because they are fired at random.

How do I find an ultrasonic pest repeller that suits my needs?

It actually depends on the pest you want to get rid of. Just remember the acronym PST which means Price-Size-Type. Here’s a short description of the three.

Price: Of course, you should want to buy a repeller that fits your budget. Not too cheap though, as the quality might be compromised.

Size: The effectiveness of an ultrasonic repeller depends on the size of the room where you will be using it. So if you’re planning to get rid of squirrels in your attic, you may want to opt for a repeller that has a large room coverage.

On the other hand, if you want to get rid of spiders living in your bathroom, you should go for a more conservative repeller that is enough for a small room.

Why not just purchase a repeller with a large room coverage? Remember the first letter – Price. Repellers with large room coverage usually costs more than those with smaller capacity so if you want to get more bangs for your buck, get the right size.

Type: If you want to exterminate a spider infestation in your home for example, then an ultrasonic repeller is a good option. You can also opt for the traditional variety of repellers but of course, we still advocate the use of the ultrasonic variety because they are safer and more environmentally friendly.

Top 6 Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Pest Offense Original Electronic Pest Repeller

Pest Offense Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

This pest repeller is one of the big shots in the industry and rightfully so. It’s simple, effective, and cheap. There’s no other insect and rodent repellent that comes close to this bad boy. It’s also EPA registered, and UL and FCC compliant so you can rest assured that this device is perfectly safe to use.

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Riddex Pest Repelling Aid

Riddex Pest Repelling Aid

In terms of price, functionality, customer rating, and reputation of the manufacturer, the Riddex Plus is the one of best among its kind in the market today. With an approximate coverage area of 2,000 square meters, a single unit can protect one level of most homes.

Its patented “electromagnetic field altering technology” is absolutely safe for children and pets but not for your unwanted guests. It is also relatively cheap, at 9.97$.

Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repeller 4 Pack

Bell and Howell Pest Repeller 4 Pack

Bell and Howell has been in the manufacturing industry since the late 1920’s – this just goes to show that Bell and Howell are experts when it comes to creation and innovation.

Staying in the market for more than a century could only mean that they know how to please a customer and this device really doesn’t disappoint. This ultrasonic repeller is effective against a number of insects and rodents such as ants, mice, roaches, and spiders and like most of its kind, is safe for children and pets.

It is also easy to use – just plug it in and start driving the evil creatures away from your home or office! What’s more, it comes in fours – so every corner of the room is completely covered.

Black & Decker 3 Pack Direct Plug-in Indoor Ex310 Pest Repellers

Black and Decker 3-Pack

You might know Black & Decker as manufacturers of power tools. Not anymore – Black & Decker is starting to dabble in high-frequency sound emitting pest repellers and they are doing GREAT. Like their power tools, the Indoor Ex310 Pest repellers are heavy-duty and made to last a long time.

This ultrasonic pest repeller works great against roaches, spiders, ants, and mice. It’s size and features makes it perfect for medium-sized rooms such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, and bathrooms.

However, its area of coverage depends on the arrangements of furnishings in your home so make sure that when you plug this device, it is placed in an open area and not behind couches or isolated corners of the room. It is also recommended to use this repeller 24 hours a day while occasionally moving it to different locations.

This makes the source of the high-frequency sounds random, so six- (or eight) legged enemies will realize they really have no place to hide in your home.

The Indoor Ex310 is also safe for humans and non-rodent pets. So there’s no limit to its use.

Bird-X YG Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

Bird X Yard Gard Electronic Pest Repeller

Bird-X products are mostly yard-oriented pest repellers. They have been in the pest repeller industry since 1964, making it one of the juggernauts in pest repeller technology and humane animal deterrence.

One of their best products is the Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller, a motion activated device. This robot-looking machine is a simple, safe, and cost effective method of driving pests away from your lawn or vegetable garden.

It works by emitting ultrasonic sounds whenever its motion detector is set off.  One unit can cover an area of 4,000 square meters assuring you that your whole lawn will be well-guarded. This product is sturdy and can definitely take a beating.

What’s more this bad boy is water proof so there’s no need for you to worry about getting it wet in the rain…or your dog’s drool.

Your call! Choose the Best Ultrasonic Pest Repeller for your Pest Control Needs Today!

We’ve put everything on the table. Now that you’ve seen the different types of ultrasonic pest repeller devices and their specs and details, it’s now your turn to decide which one is best suited for your needs and budget!

Not only are they a HUMANE way of deterring nasty insects and rodents, they are also cost-effective, saving you hundreds of dollars of recurring fees from exterminators. However, the most important point is that these products are SAFE which means you don’t have to worry about poisonous chemicals.

Note, we’ve also added over 60 detailed product reviews. Use the menu bar above to help guide you to the reviews most appropriate to your specific pest repelling needs.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or feedback regarding pest repellers please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll talk to you as soon as we can.

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