Nature’s Wisdom Orange Oil Concentrate

Nature’s Wisdom Orange Oil Concentrate Overview

Orange Oil Concentrate by Nature’s Wisdom is a product that sales itself. Don’t believe it? Check out their sparse sales page on Amazon – the one with incredible number of 4 and 5 star reviews.

Without question, this product is getting work done.

This is an ideal purchase for anyone looking for an all-natural way to keep cats and garden pests from invading your lawn and garden.

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Orange Oil Concentrate Review

This orange oil concentrate is made by cold pressing citrus peel, a process which maximizes the amount of citric acid produced. In other words, it’s one of the best orange concentrate products you’ll find on the market.

This is also a versatile product beyond simply assisting with your pest control needs.

By diluting the oil with water, it can be sprayed over foliage, mixed into the soil or used in general cleaning applications. This last option allows you to apply a level of protection to a number of locations, such as windowsills and decking and this makes it a compelling product in my book. In the same motion you can clean your home and protect against pests. What’s not to like?

As an all-natural pest repeller, the orange oil concentrate works like this.

Orange Oil ConcentrateThe acidity of the oil causes it to wear away an insect’s exoskeleton. Without this protection, the insect can no longer regulate its intake of nutrients and will gradually become dehydrated or be unable to take in oxygen from the air. Over a, relatively speaking, short period of time this will simply kill off your pests. Or at least those pests who do not vacate the treated areas.

Please take appropriate note over the above explanation. Orange Oil is not likely to deliver an immediate result like some chemical based products. As a result, it is better suited as part of a long term maintenance strategy rather than an immediate infestation buster.

Orange oil is also brilliant for protecting your garden against cats. The strong smell, combined with the mild acidity, makes digging up ground that has been soaked with the oil an unpleasant experience. Cats love to leave their scent and mark out territory but the orange oil is simply too strong and overpowers the cats own oily scent. As a result, they get uncomfortable around your garden and will avoid its strange – to them – smell.

Though the product may appear pricey, it is a concentrate with only 2-4 ounces required per gallon of water.

The vast majority of users are very enthusiastic in their feedback on this product. Many of them are overwhelmed by the effect of such a simple product with just a few drops mixed into their plant feed or foliar.

Nature’s Wisdom Orange Oil Concentrate Conclusion

As natural remedies go, this one really stands out as being particularly effective. With a proven track record, you can be confident that this will help protect your plants while adding a delightfully refreshing aroma to your garden.

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