Woodpecker Deterrent Kit

Woodpecker Deterrent Kit Overview

The Woodpecker Deterrent Kit by Bird B Gone may be exactly what you need if you have these noisy birds causing damage and commotion on your property.

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Woodpecker Deterrent Kit Review

Upon arrival, you will notice that the packaging is a little cheap looking, with goofy graphics but that does not detract from the effectiveness of the Woodpecker Deterrent Kit Bird Repellentproduct inside. The kit includes a predator scare eye balloon, a 50ft roll of bird scare flash tape and two brackets to help hang the whole thing up. The brackets are very sturdy and can be easily attached to a number of surfaces.

Both the predator balloon and the flash tape work by providing a visual distraction which is off putting to any approaching woodpecker. The bright colors, constant movement and reflecting light all send out a clear signal that your property is not a safe place for woodpeckers to visit.

The woodpecker is searching for a safe place to peck, which it uses to find food, mark out territory or attract a mate. Disturbing its eye line with this deterrent kit puts them at unease, forcing them to seek out a new place to hangout. It does no harm to the woodpeckers, making this a conscientious and humane way to keep these pests off your property.

While the predator balloon may look a little silly and garish, it works. Once inflated, you simply hang it up in the place you want to drive woodpeckers away from. After a while, the balloon can be taken down and you can be confident that the bird will never return. The balloon can be inflated and deflated according to need so, in terms of a long term solution; this kit is a good investment. Furthermore, beside the initial set-up, this kit requires no upkeep and can be left to hang for as long as is necessary to get the job done.

A number of customers report that this kit was effective in keeping their trees and wooden structures safe from woodpeckers. They all note how simple this kit was to install and how, despite their initial apprehension, it managed to exceed their expectations with woodpeckers staying away for months after the balloon had been taken down.

As deterrents go, this kit is good value for money, proving to be resilient in all types of weather and proving durable over time. Though it may look a little silly, that’s a small and temporary price you need to pay in order drive away the pesky woodpecker.

Woodpecker Deterrent Kit Conclusion

As a woodpecker repellent, this kit is more than satisfactory. It’s a well-made product from a market leader in the area of bird deterrence.

If woodpeckers have decided to move in, then this is a great way to serve up an eviction notice and stop them coming back for good.

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