Victor Mini Ultrasonic Pest Chaser

Victor Mini Ultrasonic Pest Chaser Overview

The Victor Mini Ultrasonic Pest Chaser is perfect for spreading around the house and even doubles as a nightlight. With this pest repeller plugged in, you are well on the way to addressing your pest control needs. 

Victor Mini Ultrasonic Pest Chaser Review

Though rodents try to keep away from humans as much as possible, it does not preclude them from invading our homes in search of food and shelter. When this happens to you, laying traps and poison can be potentially risky to your family, particularly if you have small children or pets.

This is when you need to consider an ultrasonic pest control alternative.

Victor Mini Pest Chaser Ultrasonic Pest RepellerThe Victor Mini plugs directly into the power outlet and is discreet enough that you won’t notice it. It is simple to set up and begins emitting its pest repelling frequencies as soon as it is plugged in and despite their small size, the Mini plugs pack a punch.

Though it lacks the ability to change the settings manually, the Victor Mini has been designed to automatically cycle through a range of volumes and frequencies, between 32 and 62Hz up to a maximum of 100dB. Given enough time, the mess of sounds that it sends out will be too much for a rodent to bear. This particular range of frequencies is only annoying to rodents so any other type of (non-rodent) animal that you keep as a pet will not feel the effect.

This functionality removes the fuss and uncertainty associated with setting and adjusting and testing the various options on a more complex device.

Each plug is effective within an average sized room, so long as there are no large obstacles, so factor that into your placing and purchasing options. However, each pack contains 3 units so you do have placement and attack options from the start.

Recent customers have praised the speed at which they start to work. As is often the case with pest control, there are no guarantees but this is a robust product to form part of a thorough defense.

Victor Mini Ultrasonic Pest Chaser Conclusion

Victor has long been a trusted name in the mouse and rodent repelling game, and with the Victor Mini they are extending their product portfolio into the Ultrasonic Pest Repelling niche.

It’s hard to argue against such a market leader putting their reputation on the line which makes the Mini Pest Chaser a compelling product worthy of your consideration and with the price and built in service options it’s likely a safe bet.

Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.