Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Review

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Overview

Ever heard the expression “build a better mouse trap”? Well the market leader in the mouse trap business took that advice and now along with their traditional bait traps, Victor now offers an Electronic Mouse Trap to assist your pest control needs.

When simply repelling your pests won’t work, it’s time to step up your game. However, this often means the use of messy poisons and traps that must be carefully managed and when they work, they can create quite a messy clean up effort.

Now you can have the best of both worlds. An escalated attack with minimal clean up with the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap.

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The Victor Electronic Mouse Trap delivers a short, sharp shock to any rodent that finds its way inside, killing it within seconds. In a very real sense, the Victor is like an electric chair for mice, sentencing all those who dare to enter to death.

The battery operated trap itself is easy to set up.

The trap contains a small tray where you position the bait. Popular and effective baits include peanut butter, chocolate, or even canned fish (though Victor Electronic Mouse trapthis is likely to have an odor).

The trap design is such that once the mouse enters, it can’t turn around or back up, forcing it to stay on the shock plate. This also makes it safe for use around young ones and pets, who won’t be able to reach in far enough to engage the trigger.

Once the trap has been set up and switched on, you can leave it to do its thing. For the best results, place it along the edge of a room, since this is where mice are likely to run about. This trap uses smart circuit technology, meaning the device will only trigger when a rodent enters the trap, which greatly lengthens the battery life. Each set of 4 AA batteries, not included, will provide enough charge to kill one hundred mice, making this an excellent value for the money. The fact that the trap can be reused over and over again further adds to its appeal.

Should you be particularly squeamish, then the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap is the perfect product for you. With a lid that easily flips open, you can empty the trap without having to touch or even see the mouse at all. The top of the casing has a handy light that flashes green to let you know when something has been trapped. This makes checking the trap a breeze.

If your infestation is particularly severe, you’ll need to buy more than one trap so that their numbers can be thinned more quickly. In fact, most shoppers do purchase more than one unit but the support and number of positive reviews is astounding.

The one piece of advice that crops up again and again is to make sure that the traps are properly cleaned out before resetting as anything caught on the electrodes can cause the batteries to run dry very quickly.

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap Conclusion

Admittedly this product isn’t for everyone but let there be no doubt that this product is safe and effective at addressing your problems with mice. Sure, cleaning a trap may not be fun but it’s a short lived concern when compared to a mouse infestation allowed to run rampant.

Want the satisfaction of knowing that your pest control efforts are working? Then the Victor Electronic Mouse Trap is right for you.

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