Tomcat Scorpion Glue Boards

Tomcat Scorpion Glue Boards Overview

If you have spotted scorpions within your home you should consider picking up a box of TomCat Scorpion Glue Boards.

Scorpions are crafty little critters, able to hide themselves in the smallest cracks and ready to sting at the slightest hint of threat. And these stings can hurt like the devil. With these Glue Boards placed around the house, you’ll catch these little boogers and significantly reduce your risk of getting stung.

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Scorpion Glue Boards Review

Along with scorpions, these Glue Boards can also be an effective method of getting rid of spiders, cockroaches and even small mice. A lot of customers say that one of the best uses of these Glue Boards is the fact that they show you the sorts of things which are creeping around your house. In order to keep your home as safe as possible you need to know exactly what you are dealing with and the glue boards can help. One customer was incredibly grateful to these Glue Boards for revealing that she had an infestation of Brown Recluse Spiders and needed to get an exterminator in.

TomCat Scorpion Glue BoardsThese results can be key step in helping to assess the full range of your pest control needs, not to mention a potentially life saving discovery.

The glue board traps simply hold the bugs in place, allowing you the chance to release or dispose of the critters as you see fit.

One of the great things about doing it this way is that the trapped pests act as free bait for anything else that might be lurking nearby! The traps are non-toxic and will not cause any direct harm to the creatures it catches, or any pets that you may have. Be aware that the adhesive is quite strong so keep it out of sight if you don’t want to be cutting it out of your dog’s coat.

For the best results, make sure to place these Scorpion Glue Boards around the edges of a room, as this is where insects are most likely to travel along baseboards. They like the safety that running beside a wall provides, as it limits the directions that an attack can come from. Take advantage of this and put a few boards down in one spot. The insect is unlikely to try and run around all of them and will find themselves stuck before long. Once stuck, that insect is not coming free without some assistance on your part.

The Tomcat Scorpion traps are a good value, with each packet containing four individual glue boards. At this low price, it makes perfect sense to stock up on them to prepare your house for the insect mating season. With so much great feedback backing it up, it’s a guaranteed humane and cost effective method of dealing with little household pests.

Tomcat Scorpion Glue Boards Conclusion

As an inexpensive method of clearing your house of scorpions and similar pests, few products can compete with the Tomcat Glue Boards. This is a product that goes to prove that low cost does not have to mean that you are paying for a poor product.

It does what it promises to do in a simple manner, drastically reducing the amount of time you have to spend clearing your house of dangerous critters.

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