Tanglefoot Bird Repellent Review

Tanglefoot Bird Repellent Overview

If you are looking for an easy to use, inexpensive, fast acting solution to bird problems, you need look no further than the Tanglefoot Bird Repellent.

This Bird Repellent will help ensure that you can still enjoy the birds in your yard, without having to worry about them causing damage and noise on your windowsills and ledges.

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Tanglefoot Bird Repellent Review

Tanglefoot works in a very simple manner. By providing a sticky to the touch surface, this bird repellent creates an uncomfortable perch for any birdTanglefoot Bird Repellent seeking to roost. The caulk is not sticky enough to harm them, so it poses no danger, but it creates enough discomfort to drive the birds away. Additionally, the caulk can be applied in small beads, which helps to create a visual deterrent as well – birds are smart, they’ll learn to stay away from such an unwelcoming perch, which creates lasting peace for you.

Tanglefoot is EPA approved and its non-toxic formula means that you can freely apply it to most any surface from which you want to repel birds. Unlike other pest repelling products, the Tanglefoot caulk is colorless and odorless so you should not have an unpleasant experience during application. The cartridge is designed to fit conventional caulk guns, which makes it super quick and easy to use.

The caulk can be applied to any number of surfaces, though a layer of lacquer or varnish will help to protect wood and concrete. One recommended approach is to trace your intended application area with decorator’s tape.  This provides a visual of where the caulk will be applied and provides an easy removal option when it’s time to remove or replace the caulk – simply peel up the tape.

Tanglefoot Bird RepellentThe Tanglefoot bird repellent retails for under $10 (prices may vary), and a single 10oz tube is enough to most homes’ bird hot spots.  The manufacturer suggests that a single treatment will last up to 12 months and while that is within reason, most users find the need to reapply every 6-9 months – still more than enough time for one roosting season.  Weather is the leading determinant for coverage timelines as the caulk’s tackiness is prone to weaken more quickly in dry and dusty environments.

This Bird Repellent is formulated to deter pigeons, starlings and sparrows and in this capacity it works wonderfully. Users report great results, noting in particular the ease of application and the efficacy of the bird repellent. It has a wide range of applications, with happy customers using it everywhere from city high rises to suburban guttering.

If there is a downside, it is with the Tanglefoot’s tendency to attract dust and dirt, which is not totally unexpected given the nature of the product.  Using the decorator tape trick referenced above and having an extra tube on hand to refresh the application are manageable solutions for most users.

Tanglefoot Bird Repellent Product Conclusion

The Tanglefoot Bird Repellent is a cheap and efficient remedy for the most common bird problems. It also requires no special knowledge and little investment on your part, and can be applied within minutes.  This is certainly a product we recommend as a first strike against the most typical bird related annoyances.

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