Sweeney’s Snake Repellent

Sweeney’s Snake Repellent Overview

The cost of removing snakes from your garden can be a steep expense, and depending on the type of snake, it can be life-threatening if attempted yourself. With Sweeney’s Snake Repellent, you can keep the snakes away and never worry about seeing them again.

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Sweeney’s Snake Repellent Review

A snake’s tongue is truly remarkable. With a simple flick a snake collects air samples with it instantly processes to understand its environment. That’s an impressive sensory organ that can quickly be manipulated and used against the unsuspecting snake.

It’s with this idea in mind that the makers of Sweeney’s Snake Repellent[/easyazon_link] went to work to give us an effective snake repellent that is safe for your children, pets, and garden.

Most snake repellents work a similar manner. They combine all-natural ingredients with known or suspected snake repelling characteristics. These proprietary blends work to overwhelm a snake’s senses and thereby cause them to move along.

Sweeney's All Out Snake RepellentThe primary question then becomes which product is more effective for your need and for the most part it boils down to personal preference.

Sweeney’s Snake Repellent is a mix of cedar, clove, and cinnamon oils which are often sweet and pleasant aroma’s for people. In fact, many air fresheners and potpourris use these same ingredients.

The Sweeney’s product comes in a 4lb shaker bag for easy spreading and offers a zipper seal for safely storing left over product. Given that snakes crawl on their bellies, you need only to apply a perimeter to keep snakes at bay.

A single application should last about 30 days, though wetter areas may require a more frequent application.

The feedback on this product suggests that it is extremely effective, with customers reporting that it has successfully kept a number of snakes away including copperheads, grass snakes and garter snakes.

Sweeney’s Snake Repellent Conclusion

This will keep snakes away, whether you want to protect your family and pets, or are simply unwilling to deal with these animals in a more hands on manner. For such a low cost item, it proves to be remarkably effective and can even be bought in bulk should you wish to make even more savings.

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