Sticky Paws Cat Repellent

Sticky Paws Cat Repellent Overview

Has your cat turned your table into her new scratching post or ruined your brand new sofa with its claws? If so, you need a roll of Sticky Paws. This wide roll double sided tape will help you to teach your kitty that she needs to take her scratching skills elsewhere.

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Sticky Paws Cat Repellent Review

All cats scratch and they need to do so for a number of reasons. Scratching helps your cat to keep their claws sharp, it keeps their muscles supple and it helps them spread their scent. It also feels really good, triggering a huge rush of endorphins as part of their hunting behavior. For this reason, it can be hard to stop.

However, cat’s scratching can also be quite destructive. I’ve observed everything from walls, furniture, stereo speakers, and even drapes destroyed beyond use by cats simply doing what comes natural to them.

A cat’s paws are extremely sensitive, and they use them to help them navigate across the numerous types of terrain, even indoors, every day. In fact, they are so sensitive, that if a cat notices anything strange about a surface, it is likely to avoid the area.

As an example, and for some certain entertainment, watch a cat try to walk on a sheet of aluminium foil.

Sticky Paws takes advantage of this fact and provides a slightly tacky surface that your cat won’t like.

Unlike fly paper, your cat won’t become stuck, but the tacky nature of the Sticky Paws will disagree with their sensitive paws and they’ll simply look elsewhere for a surface to stratch.

The sticky surface is also resistant to your cat’s scent, which is something that will make them distrust it immeasurably. They tend to keep far away Sticky Paws Cat Repellentfrom things which either don’t smell like them or that they can’t make smell like them.

The Sticky Paws tape will also leave behind a harmless residue on your cats paws, teaching them not to come back again. Cats are very fastidious creatures who spend half their waking hours grooming. Because the tape makes it easier for them to pick up dirt and dust, they won’t want to come anywhere near it.

The tape is 2.5’’ wide, which is wide enough to allow you to cover most surfaces. You don’t have to have the pieces of tape overlapping, just close enough to make sure that your cat will touch it when they try and claw. Should you need to store it easily, then the roll will fit easily onto most standard mail tape dispensers. This will also make it easy to dispense.

Sticky Paws is very economical which makes it an easy product to either try out or stock up on.

The only note I’d add is that the tacky surface will lose its effect and need to be replaced if your pet continues to challenge the tape or as it begins to attract dust. When this happens simply remove and replace the application. Easy enough.

Sticky Paws Cat Repellent Conclusion

Simple yet effective, that’s the short story on Sticky Paws. It’s a nice and inexpensive add to your cat repellent and training regimen.

Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.

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