SSSCat Cat Training Aid

SSSCat Cat Training Aid Overview

Cats sometimes need to be reminded whose house they live in, something you can do in a harmless yet effective way with the SSSCat Cat Training Aid. This little device will stop kitty in his tracks, turning him away from whatever needs protecting from his sharp claws and shedding fur.

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SSSCat Cat Training Aid Review

As animals which rely heavily on their sense of smell, cats like to cover your home with their own special scent, so they can feel safe here. This is why they feel the need to walk on every countertop, visit every room and try and sleep in the most ridiculous places. However, there are some places that you’d prefer to keep off limits and this cat-safe training aid is just what you need.

Ssscat Training AidThe Cat Training Aid is motion activated and delivers a sudden burst of air whenever your cat approaches. This startles the cat and harmlessly drives them away.

Once they’re at home, cats like to relax and the slightest disturbance will send them scurrying off in search of an easier sleeping spot. The motion detector is effective within a 1m radius of the SSCat, with the nozzle able to turn to the direction where motion was sensed before spraying at your pet. The direction of both the sensor and the nozzle can be changed both left to right and up and down, allowing this to be customized to your needs.

The canister only contains air so the spray won’t leave any nasty odors or cause damage to your pet or your furniture. It can be used almost anywhere you need to stop your cat from scratching up the sofa or from jumping up on the counter, so the SSSCat has got you covered.

Compared to other similar products, the SSSCat is inexpensive but it’s especially a bargain when you compare the customer feedback across a range of similar products.

SSSCat Cat Training Aid Conclusion

Cats have a mind of their own and it can take time to train them that a specific room or perch is off limits. That’s where an automated and tireless monitor is on the job and the Ssscat Care Training Aid is exactly the right tool for the job.

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