Solar Powered Gopher & Mole Repellent Sonic Spikes

Gopher & Mole Repellent Spikes Overview

Sweeney’s Solar Powered Gopher and Mole Repellent Sonic Spikes are ideal for the friendly gardener who wishes to live in, albeit a distant, harmony with nature’s ground bound pests. With no harsh chemicals or deadly traps, these solar powered repellents keep moles and gophers away without causing harm to the animals.

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Solar Powered Gopher & Mole Repellent Sonic Spikes Review

These sonic spikes emit a high frequency sound that is tuned to be unpleasant for animals and because the spikes are in the ground the sound is transmitted both above and below ground.

This is a unique differentiator for these mole and gopher spikes as most ultrasonic repellers work only above ground.

These spikes are designed to emit an ultrasonic pulse every 30 seconds. This allows the solar charged battery to last longer while not allowing the pests to become acclimated to the tone, as can happen for devices using a continuous tone.

Sweeney's Solar Powered Mole RepellentThis model boasts an impressive range, covering an area measuring 7,500ft², far outstripping the competition. In addition, because the spikes send out their sound underground, you do not need to worry about anything obstructing the sound wave, including underground rocks.

The spikes are solidly constructed and feature an impressive solar panel array and capacitor. The internal battery can hold a 5 day charge, which makes it ideal in shady or overcast areas. And because the spikes operate under solar power, the maintenance and operating costs are reduced to virtually zero.

The spikes come in sets of 4 and are priced higher than similar competing products. However, the range and effectiveness of these units is impressive and tends to level the  cost and competitive playing field over time.

Note, local laws prohibit these spikes in New Mexico and Colorado.

Those who have purchased the Sweeney Mole and Gopher Spikes report that the device works to great effect, visibly reducing the amount of molehills that pop up around the garden. As with any sonic product, it can take time to see the full effect so be sure to give it at least two weeks but you should be pleased with the results.

Gopher & Mole Repellent Spikes Conclusion

These Solar Powered Sonic spikes are a good investment if you experience frequent problems with moles or gophers in your yard and garden. It’s an effective and maintenance free product worthy of your consideration even given the slightly higher price point.

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