Sofa Scram Sonic Dog & Cat Repellent Mat

Dog & Cat Repellent Mat Overview

The Sofa Scram is the product for you if you want to train your cats and dogs to stay off certain furniture but want to avoid the popular products featuring electric shock technology.

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Sofa Scram Sonic Dog & Cat Repellent Mat Review

The Sofa Scram Sonic Dog and Cat Repellent Mat works like a giant ON button. The entire mat is pressure sensitive and connected to a powerful speaker. When the pad senses pressure, an internal circuit is completed and the pulse triggers a loud noise until your pet moves off the pad.

The concept behind the product is the same as Scat Mats delivering an electronic pulse, only with the Sofa Scram the product delivers a loud noise. Both are unexpected responses for your pet and both trigger an immediate flight reaction. Over time, both train your pet to stay away from the protected area.

The primary difference is the delivery of the unexpected response. The Sofa Scram delivers a loud noise rather than an electrical shock and many pet lovers prefer it over the shock so they know that their pet is not being harmed.

Sofa Scram Pet Training Mat Cat RepellentA word of caution for the Sofa Scram is that the loud and sudden sound may startle you and you may need to disconnect the product during sleeping hours. This may have the unintended result of training your pet to avoid the prohibited hours during the day but not overnight. But that aside, the Sofa Scram is an effective tool.

The Sofa Scram is powered by a single 9v battery, which will provide a long lasting power supply. The device can be switched off when not in use, so no need to worry about running the battery down. The material that it is made from is flexible enough that the Sofa Scram can be placed on a variety of surfaces, including beds and table tops. Make sure that is secure on the surface and don’t position it right up against the edge as this may make it liable to fall off when your pet jumps up.

Dog & Cat Repellent Mat Conclusion

The Sofa Scram Sonic Dog and Cat Repellent Mat is an effective deterrent and training tool for use with your pets. When in the market for this type of training product you need to consider how it may impact you. If sudden bursts of sound bother you less than concerns over the “shock treatment” featured by similar products then this pet repellent mat may be right for you.

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