Snake B Gone Snake Repellent

Snake B Gone Snake Repellent Overview

When it comes to snakes, prevention and avoidance is the way to go. If you need a safe and effective way of making sure your family never runs afoul of a snake, then Snake B Gone by Ortho may be the perfect Snake Repellent purchase for you.

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Snake B Gone Snake Repellent Review

A snake smells by using its tongue, collecting chemicals from the air and relaying the information back to its brain. It helps them hunt and allows them to identify the best place to set up a nest or search for food. Snake B Gone capitalizes on this physiology to make your lawn and garden an unpleasant place for snakes.

With Ortho’s Snake B Gone granules, you are able to create a protective barrier against snakes. The granules are formulated using several all-natural essential oils to create a taste and smell that is repulsive to snakes. By filling the air with these particles, this snake repellent will overwhelm a snake’s taste receptors and drive them away. However, these aromas are subtle for humans and may be perceived as spicy or earthy to those with highly sensitive noses.

The formula is rated safe for pets and children but you should not apply it on or directly surrounding edible plants or gardens.

Snake B Gone Snake RepellentTo apply the product, simply take the container and shake the powder around your garden, but not closer than a couple feet (see labelling for more specific instruction). This should suffice for maintenance, however, a more thorough dusting is required to address an active infestation.

Should the snakes be under your porch or house, be sure to leave a patch of ground free from powder. This will give the snakes a way out, as they try to escape from the smell. Trapping the snake inside will only make your situation worse by driving them inside.

The formula is long lasting and is even rain resistant, making it ideal for a number of climates. Unfortunately, the product is not for sale in Alaska so you will have to look elsewhere if you live in the Last Frontier.

The only problem reported with this product is the small size of the packet, each containing 2lbs of powder, which is less product than what is offered by competing manufacturers. However Ortho product is priced accordingly so this ‘issue’ is easily mitigated by buying a larger quantity, if this is your product of choice.

The feedback on this product is impressive, with dozens of happy customers testifying to its efficacy but warning that it should be handled with care as some ingredients may irritate those with sensitivities. A sizeable majority of customers report that their snake problems have vanished since they started using the product, meaning that this is definitely a worthwhile investment.

Snake B Gone Snake Repellent Conclusion

The name says it all, with Snake B Gone your snake problems are a thing of the past.

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