Sabre Frontiersman Bear Repellent Spray

Bear Repellent Spray Overview

If there’s ever a product you don’t want to be caught needing but not having, it may well be the Sabre Frontiersman’s Bear Attack Deterrent. The name says it all, right?

While most pests are just annoying, an encounter with a bear can be deadly unless you’re prepared and being armed with a Bear Attack Deterrent is the kind of preparation you need.

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Bear Repellent Spray Review

As with most Bear Sprays, the Sabre Bear Deterrent is a concentrated form of pepper spray. It uses capsaicin as the active ingredient, a compound which causes severe tissue damage to mammals that come into contact with it. If you’ve ever tasted a spicy chili pepper, you’ll know the type of irritant I’m talking about. If you’ve every chomped on a dozen at once you’ll start to understand the impact a spray such as this can have. (we do not recommend that you try such a feat)

Sabre Bear Repellent SprayHowever, unlike most Bear Sprays the Sabre product features the strongest formula allowed by the EPA Health Canada. Further, it’s canister enables a spray range of up to 30 feet, which is further than most competing products. Note, the 9.2 ounce canister offers a 35 feet range – more product and more range, sounds good to me.

For further proof of the product’s effectiveness, it has been tested by the USAF in the territory surrounding the Elmendorf base in Alaska, which is rife with bears. Additionally, the product boasts a significant number of park rangers who carry it for their own personal protection. That’s a compelling endorsement as those are experts who should know best what to use.

The Sabre Bear Deterrent is easy to carry as it comes with a hip clip attachment and it features a glow in the dark safety pin for easy access day or night.

When handling the spray canister you’ll find that it fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to fire. In fact, the hip clip even allows from the hip firing so you can launch spray downfield when seconds matter most.

The spray itself is bright orange or red so all guess work is removed while firing . You’ll know immediately if your hitting your target or if you need to adjust aim. Once hit, a bear will recoil and retreat or at least stop charging. When this occurs, get out of the area and report the incident rather than waiting around to see how the bear reacts. The bear broke off the attack allowing you to vacate the area, that’s all you need to know.

Bear Repellent Spray Conclusion

Face it, most of us don’t need a bear spray for day to day use but those that do overwhelmingly choose the Sabre Bear Attack Deterrent.  So when you’re venturing out into bear country there’s absolutely no reason not to have the best available product at your side. You want to be carrying the Sabre Frontiersman Bear Attack Deterrent.

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