Yard Sentinel Animal Repellent Review

Great Dog, Cat, and Squirrel Repellent

If your vegetable garden or lawn is a 2,000 square meter litter box for squirrels or your neighbor’s pet dog, you’ve got a problem.

A really bad problem. 

But don’t fret – Pest Repeller Center’s got you. Here’s a recommended piece of ultrasonic pest repelling hardware: Yard Sentinel – Electronic Pest & Animal Control Repeller with Motion Sensor.

The name alone is enough to scare the most annoying of pests, and sure enough, the product lives up to its name. Just knowing that it can cover an area of up to 5,000 square feet will make you feel safer already. So what can this ultrasonic pest repeller can do for you?

Powerful Repelling Specs

Yard Sentinel Squirrel Repellent

The Yard Sentinel has 5 major advanced features. First off, it is AC or battery powered which means it can be used almost anywhere. It is also fitted with an adjustable PIR Infrared Motion Sensor with Night Time Scanner Technology which enables the Sentinel’s motion sensor to be adjusted to various levels of sensitivity. The scanner is also able to detect movement even during the night. This cutting-edge technology gives Yard Sentinel the ability to detect movement two times further than most motion sensitive pest control devices in the market. Plus, with a 5,000 square meter effective coverage area, what’s more to ask for?

Adjustable Sound Levels

Furthermore, the Yard Sentinel is capable of adjusting ultrasonic sound wave levels. You also have the liberty of selecting from 3 ultrasonic emitting selections: Motion Sensor, Constant, and Continue Sweep modes – these modes are particularly useful in confusing dogs or cats, whose clever nature helps them to adapt to monotonous ultrasonic emitting devices.

Although the name of this product suggests that it is most suited for your yard, it is still as effective when placed in other locations like gardens, campsites, attics, porches, flower beds, ponds, barns, vineyards, cabins…you get the idea.

Super Safe

Unlike the traditional dog repeller or squirrel repellent (or any traditional pest repeller for that matter) used at home, this one doesn’t use any toxic chemicals so that’s a plus for safety. It’s also doesn’t involve whacking or electrocuting the pests to their imminent dooms and doesn’t give you recurring costs in exterminator fees or in damage repair fees.

Lastly, this mean machine is maintenance free, weather resistant, and fairly easy to operate. It also comes with a FREE AC Adaptor and 30 feet Extension Cord for more bangs for your buck. If you’re interested to know more about Yard Sentinel click here to see more specs, ratings, and reviews.

Some review says that Yard Sentinel doesn’t work on birds. So if you’ve got bird problems then we recommend that you take choose for something else.  Check out this humongous list of bird repellents for more suggestions.

Critters begone!

The Yard Sentinel – Electronic Pest & Animal Control Repeller with Motion Sensor is such a great dog, cat, or squirrel repellent. It also works wonders in repelling raccoons, deer, and similar critters. They do work on small pests such as mice but they cannot be detected if they are further than 14 feet. Its multiple modes of pest detection make way for a non-monotonous and more effective pest control technique. The price may be a bit expensive but its sheer power and effective range is enough to consider it a steal.

Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.


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