Yard Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller Review

The Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

If your yard is used as a bathroom by neighbouring cats, dogs, birds, and raccoons, you may really want to invest in a pest repeller like the Bird-X YG Yard Gard Ultrasonic Animal Repeller. Bird-X, the manufacturer of the said pest repeller is one of the leading companies that targets specific pests such as birds. Established in 1964, this Chicago-based pest company have since expanded to the manufacture of other pest repellers that target various pests such as cats, racoons, and deers. The company have also proven time and time again that their products have humanely helped manage wildlife and pest populations by relocating them instead of killing them. Now, Bird-X has become THE brand for lawn and yard pest repellers.

If you want deers or your neighbor’s dogs or stray birds to stay away from your yard, this ultrasonic bird repeller might be for you, so read on. Click here to see the full pricing, reviews, and ratings.

Mean Machine

Yard Gard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

This nifty military-looking box is made of durable plastic that is maintenance free and can withstand extreme weather conditions such as heavy rain or harsh winds. It has dimensions of 3.5 x 6.5 x 5.2 inches and weighs 1 pound.

The Yard Gard is motion activated which means that it only emits ultrasonic sound whenever its motion sensors are triggered. This is a cost effective and energy-efficient process that gives you more bangs for your buck! The sound emitted by the repeller ranges from 15,000 – 25,000 Hertz which is already in the ultrasonic range and is inaudible for most humans. However, children may hear a small buzzing  sound since their hearing is a lot more sensitive. And because it uses sound as a means to deter pests, the Yard Gard is a safe and humane method of protecting your lawn – no chemicals and traps that may be hazardous to your children, pets, or even you!

We also appreciate how Bird-X took into consideration the ease of installation. It is very easy to mount because of the keyhole slot

The effective coverage area is where the Yard Gard really shines. This ultrasonic bird repeller is effective up to 4,000 square feet coming second place to Yard Sentinel – Electronic Pest & Animal Control Repeller, another motion-activated ultrasonic repellers and can be installed with a single person no sweat.

The only thing that we don’t like about Yard Gard is that it may take a while before cats and dogs completely avoid your yard. You see, these animals are pretty clever. At first, they might just get confused and disoriented and may take about a week before they really feel the effects of this pest repeller. What’s more, we noticed that some Bird – X emits a small buzzing sound. We don’t know if it’s a product defect or our hearing’s just so darn good but it is quite annoying. But it’s an outdoor repeller anyway so it’s not really a concern.

Like wine, it gets better with time

The product does a pretty good job in repelling, although there are minor flaws. Overall, it’s a decent outdoor ultrasonic bird repeller to have if you’re having trouble with birds or even with your neighbor’s cats or dogs that ruin your garden. However, there is no guarantee that this ultrasonic pest repeller will immediately rid the yard of the invaders completely. Common pests like raccoons and cats are adaptive and clever. They may try to find a path in your lawn where the effect of the ultrasonic sound wave is tolerable. To solve this dilemma, we suggest that you place the Yard Gard on different places in varying intervals. This way pests will have no way of adapting.

The time of complete riddance also depends on how long these common pests have been using your yard as their personal lounge. It may take weeks to a month before their habits are broken. Just remember that patience is key to this product (or any other pest repeller for that matter).

Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.


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