Contech Ultra Sonic Cat Repeller Review

Who’s the cat lover eager to share their pet?

If your neighbor is the type that lets his/her cats roam freely, then chances are your lawn or garden (especially if it is fenceless) has already been turned into a huge litter box. The core of the problem is the cat’s stubbornness – no matter how many times you chase it with a broom it will just keep coming back. When you’re already tearing your hair out because of these feline pests, it’s time to take out the big guns. Pest Repeller Guide introduces the Contech CatStop Ultrasonic Outdoor Cat Deterrent, a motion-activated ultrasonic pest repeller for your garden or lawn. This is a cat repellent that works.

Motion-activated Ultra Sonic Cat Repellent

Contech CatStop Ultra Sonic Cat Repeller

This product works by emitting ultrasonic sound ranging from 21,000Hz to 25,000Hz when its motion sensor is triggered. The sudden burst of high frequency sounds startle cats and send them running to the opposite direction. What’s more, with continuous stimulation, cats will associate the negative experience to your lawn, therefore leaving you and your prized turf alone.

CatStop also has two stakes – ground level which is 4 inches off the ground and another one that’s 6 inches higher. And with a wide motion-sensing range of 80 degrees and reach of up to 20 feet, this cat deterrent is one heck of a powerful machine. We noticed that these two stakes are very handy when you’re mounting on different terrains or moving the repeller from time to time.

The motion-activated system is an environmentally and budget friendly addition to the already proven ultrasonic pest repellers. In addition to that, the ultrasonic sound technology is a humane and chemical-free way of deterring cats from your lawn or garden.

Of course, some cats will not be affected or at least not as distressed as may be required to run them off. This may be due to various factors such as the cat’s hearing ability, placement of the repeller, and other elements that may hinder this hi-tech gadget from performing at its maximum. If you’re interested to learn more about this mean machine, click here to see more ratings, pricing, and reviews.

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The CatStop sonic cat repellent has a wide-angled infrared sensor at 80 degrees and detection rage of up to 20 feet. These specifications make it perfect for this outdoor ultra sonic cat repeller to be placed in corners or non-intruding parts of your lawn or garden. Its battery life also depends on the frequency this device goes off – around 3-4 months when placed in low traffic areas and 2-3 months when positioned in high-activity areas. When the device goes off more frequently, a CatStop adapter is recommended.

It also has a sensor warm-up time of 60 seconds, and can be powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery or 9-volt AC adapter. Of course, it is also water proof so there’s nothing to worry about it getting wet.

In a nutshell…

In a nutshell, the Contech CatStop  is a safe, effective, and cost efficient ultra sonic cat repellent. Its wide coverage area means that it can cover most of your lawn, given that you have placed in optimal locations. Made of durable plastic, the CatStop is waterproof. Its 9-volt AC batteries should have been upgraded because as of now, it runs out of juice in just 2 to 3 months. Overall, this is recommended for those who have a cat problem.

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