Predator Guard Pest Repeller

Predator Guard Overview

The solar powered Predator Guard pest repeller is one of the best set and forget pest repelling products on the market today. The Predator Guard is water proof and with its reliance on solar power, it is virtually maintenance free.

This product is great for protecting your garden, chicken coops, and home from night time pests.

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Predator Guard Review

While predatory pests can be a costly nuisance to you, their primary concern is self-preservation. Therefore, one of the best ways to deter an animal is to cause them to feel threatened, and this is exactly what the Predator Guard is designed to do.

The Predator Guard uses two lights designed to mimic the eyes of another predator, effectively turning the tables on your uninvited pests.

These lights emit a random flashing pattern that prevents pests from being habitualized to the device, which further contributes to the maintenance free nature of the Predator Guard. Further, the Guard may be set at different eye-level heights to allow targeting of specific pests.

Across an open field, the lights can be visible up to half a mile to help provide a health perimeter.

Because the Predator Guard is a light based product, it is effective only as a night time deterrent, so you’ll want to consider alternatives when combating day time pests.

The manufacturer advises that your pets should not be affected by the device as they already have an established level of comfort around your property. While I see their point, I’d want to monitor the behavior of my pets or simply locate the Predator Guard away from my pet’s line of sight. For example, outside a chicken coop or on an external facing fence post.

Predator Guard Pest RepellerThe Predator Guard unit itself is a well-designed sleek black box housing all of the lighting components. This allows only the “eyes” or lights to appear in the dark of night. The Guard’s light weight makes mounting easy with a simple screw or even using its internal magnet to allow it to ‘clamp’ against a metal shed or out building.

But don’t let the simplicity fool you. The Predator Guard is designed for un-maintenanced use 365 nights a year and comes with an unconditional 3 year warranty. That’s impressive in this market category. All you need to do it place it where it’ll catch a little sunlight during the day – the energy efficient LEDs do not require much charge to function.

The only concern is that the product works in a singular direction and it may require multiple units to establish a robust perimeter. But given the benefits and maintenance-free nature of the product, I think its well worth the additional investment, especially considering its modest cost.

Predator Guard Conclusion

This is a robust and inexpensive piece of equipment that promises to deliver fantastic results. For anyone who needs to protect their property from a wide range of night time animals, the Predator Guard is a good purchase.

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