Predator Eye Nighttime Animal Repeller

Predator Eye Animal Repeller Overview

When it’s time to turn the tables on your late night outdoor scavenging pests, it’s time to check out the Predator Eye Nighttime Animal Repeller by Aspectek.

If you have problems with outdoor pests like coyotes, raccoons, skunks, foxes, wolves, deer or other unwanted pests invading your property at night then the Predator Eye is ready to give your pests a taste of their own medicine.

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Predator Eye Animal Repeller Review

The device works by tricking your pest into believing that it is being watched, with the blinking light looking like an eyeball reflecting light. It makes your predator believe that it may become the prey, just as the name implies.

Scavengers use their keen senses to not only find prey, but to also identify threats to their own well-being. When they perceive a threat, they’ll simply move on to easier hunting grounds.

Aspectek Predator EyeThis is the intent behind the Predator Eye Animal Repellent. The unit emits a light that resembles the eye of another animal reflecting light. That’s enough to send most scavengers on their way. There’s a reason these pests like to hunt at night, they don’t want to be around a crowd, so when they think they are being watched or that another animal has staked a claim, they won’t hang around to challenge the matter.

Simply mount the eye at a level appropriate for the pest you want to repell and you should notice its impact on the first night. The packet itself comes with 2 units so you can chose to cover multiple heights or multiple angles of entry.

Each light can be seen for approximately 500 yards away, assuming an unobstructed view.

The Aspectek Animal Repellers are solar powered and a single day’s full charge will keep them working for up to 30 days. This makes them perfect for areas receiving only partial sunlight.

The units themselves are robustly designed to be weather resistant and fully waterproof. Such are the hallmarks you need to consider when looking for a set and forget animal repeller and the Predator Eye delivers 24 by 7 by 365.

In addition to deterring animals, the manufacturer points out that the blinking red light can fool a burglar into thinking that it is a security system. While this is obviously not a replacement for an actual alarm system, it is an interesting and potentially useful side benefit.

Predator Eye Animal Repeller Conclusion

When used correctly, the Predator Eye will keep your property safe while you sleep. And you can sleep soundly knowing that the scavengers who once preyed on your livestock or garden are now afraid of coming face to face with the predator they believe to be lurking at your place.

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