Pet Safe Electronic Pet Training Mat

Pet Safe Electronic Pet Training Mat Overview

We’re all pet owners and pet lovers here so we know and understand that sometimes even our own furry friends can be pests. Perhaps it’s a guest room, or bed, or antique couch that we’d like to keep pet-free. That’s where the Electronic Pet Training Mat by PetSafe, sometimes called the ScatMat, can come in handy.

With this training mat, you can safely but effectively help your pet understand the boundaries you want to put into place.

Electronic Pet Training Mat Review

The Electronic Pet Training Mat works using a simple circuit which is completed when your pet puts any pressure on the surface of the mat. Once the circuit is complete, a short low energy shock runs across the surface of the map. This unexpected response from the mat is enough to send most pets safely on their way.

Now, it’s important to realize that this mat is pet safe and that the jolt is not enough to harm your pet. The jolt works more as an unexpected response.

Perhaps you’ve noticed your pet jump onto a sofa where a newspaper was laid out. Often the crinkling of the paper is enough of an unexpected result to send the animal quickly on their way. The Pet Training Mat works in much the same way. The only difference is that the response is a little stronger so that they never truly become acclimated.

For additional peace of mind, the mat operates on a 9v battery so the threshold for a charge is very low. In fact, it’s similar to a static shock you might give or receive during the winter time.

Electric Pet Training Mat Cat RepellentIt may take a while for your pet to get the message, particularly cats, who are persistent and curious enough to approach the mat from a number of different angles.

Pet physiologists warn that your pets should not observe you placing the mat as it could develop trust issues with your animal. Both dogs and cats are smart enough to make the connection between you and the pesky mat.

The PetSafe Mat can be easily rolled up and stored away, thanks to the flexibility of the materials used in its design. The Mat is made of sturdy long lasting materials. The circuit design is also efficient which allows a new battery to last through approximately 10,000 activations (approximately 6 months). This feature makes the ScatMat a set and forget pet training device.

This is one of the highest rated pet training products on the market, with hundreds of customers giving it their complete approval. People who own everything from Labradors to Chihuahuas to all variety of cats have gushed about the difference this mat has made in their ability to establish reasonable boundaries with their pets.

Pet Safe Electronic Pet Training Mat Conclusion

Despite the unfortunate name, the Pet Safe ScatMat is worthy of your consideration if you need to help in carving out a pet free zone in your home. It’s a safe and effective addition to your pet training regimen.


Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.

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