Pest Repeller Spray by Eco Defense

Eco Defense Pest Repeller Spray Overview

Let’s face it, we’re not all interested in a lot of gadgetry when it comes to our outdoor pest repellent needs. If that describes you and perhaps you have only a small garden or pest issue, then this fast acting and easy to use spray may be the lo-tech solution for you.

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Pest Repeller Spray by Eco Defense Review

This Repeller spray uses an all-natural formula, with none of the pungent ingredients that are associated with some all natural repellents. This 100% organic pest control spray is intended to act as both a smell and taste deterrent as it is formulated to annoy pests that rely on scent markings to get around. It also provides an unpleasant, but non-toxic, taste to the greenery on which some pests like to snack.

Eco Defense Pest Repelling SprayFor best results, use this product in targeted spaces that are not often shared with you and your pets. Spaces like attics, cupboards, garages, and garbage cans are good examples. This is recommended because although the product is non-toxic and pet safe, it may still annoy your pets in the same way that it is intended to annoy your pests.

While advertised as both an indoor and outdoor product, you may experience more consistent results inside due to a more stable conditions.

In some instances the manufacturer even recommends diluting the mixture. This certainly stretches your dollar and is recommended primarily in areas with less ventilation but feel free to experiment to find the right blend for you.

The spray bottle itself has a comfort handle, a smooth spray action trigger, and an adjustable nozzle to allow for pinpoint application.

Many users have commented as to the product’s efficacy, noting the speed at which the spray has impacted their pest situation. Whereas ultrasonic deterrents take time to have an effect, the feedback on this product is that you will start to see an effect within days of spraying.

Eco Defense Pest Repeller Spray Conclusion

“It smells bad and the food is no good”. That’s what pests will be saying about your home once you start using the Eco Defense Pest Repeller spray.

As a first line of defense or as part of a larger integrated pest repellent strategy, this product is super handy to have around. It’s all natural, fast acting formula deliver the safety you need and results you want.

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