Nite Guard Solar Review

nite guard solar

It is a given that what you want after a long tiring day at work or whatnot is to have a good night’s sleep, and the idea is to wake up on a beautiful sunshine and make your yummy breakfast before doing your responsibilities.

But what if you wake up with a messy garden and messed up swimming pool? Plus, trash cans turned over and garbage everywhere? The horror!

If you are someone who does not fully believe in the effectiveness of applying chemicals in your lawn or hard- worked garden, then the Nite Guard Solar is the answer to your problems.

This can help you have a more aggressive approach when it comes to repelling the nocturnal intruders that plays around your property, and leaving hard evidence of their presence (i.e feces on the pool and dug up soil in your lawn).

Nite Guard Solar Features


Aside from saving yourself, family and plants from constant chemical exposure, this Solar Control Light by Nite Guard has a more straight forward approach when it comes to addressing the problem of your nightly visitors.

Most of your unwanted animal problems are caused by nocturnal animals who just love to come to your property to play on your lawn, garden and even pool and this is accompanied by having your trash bins turned over and scattered all over.

With Nite Guard Solar, as this animals come, the sensor will automatically switch on its LED lights to splash a very bright light on your property to shoo away these animals.

It is solar powered, as it is setup outside, during the day it draws in its energy thru the day’s light and work efficiently during the night time. Plus, you do not have to worry when it rains, or snows, as this is also weather- proof to withstand any unexpected weather conditions.



This Solar Predator control light is designed to repel destructive intruders who usually come by at night like racoons, skunks, possums and even foxes.

With it being solar- powered, it is helping you repel night intruders all the while not costing you additional energy or electricity usage. Plus, it can be easily installed, all you have to do is look for a strategic place to install it.

Make sure that it will cover the whole place when it lights up, so that the visitors will have no place to go but away from your home.

You also do not have to concern yourself on spending so much for this repellent, as it has an affordable price and is very much portable. So you can change its setup location from time to time when you think it is needed.


The only possible fluke or flaw of the equipment is dependable to the installation you have done. The light may have the tendency to fluctuates, which is why user must see to it that the installation is correctly done.

Chances of the light flashed to get dimmer as time pass by, make sure that you continue in doing maintenance and cleaning of the product when needed. Check maybe there is a need for light or bulb replacement which can be causing dimmer lights.

Nite Guard Solar Review: Verdict

If you are looking for an item that is affordable and durable, then this Nite Guard Solar is probably the one for you. It can give you your money’s worth as it helps you protect your yard against these nightly visitors.

The thing you have to consider is placing these lights on a strategic place to make it more effective when it comes to light flashing at night.

Durability is not to be questioned as it can withstand any unexpected weather changes, and even when animals try to scratch on it.

Lastly, with its solar powered feature, you will not have to worry that your electricity bills are getting higher because of this. One of its notable features is that it does not consume too much energy, and it draws from direct sun light, while being able to last for a reasonable amount of time at night, and can be used for a good three to four years’ worth of lifespan.

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