Liquid Fence Snake Repellent

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Overview

If you find that snakes have taken up residence on your patio, under your house or around the garden, you need a way of getting rid of them fast before you get bit.

Sure, not all snakes are poisonous but they are all creepy and besides, who has time to sort out the deadly from the harmless when your children and pets are at play.

With Liquid Fence, you can solve the problem in a humane and environmentally friendly way, making sure that neither you nor the snake comes to any harm.

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Snake Repellent Review

Snakes have extremely sensitive scent receptors in their mouths and they use their tongue as an air molecule collection device. These molecules are then interpreted by the snake’s brain and allow it to make sense of its surroundings. If an area does not smell attractive, then the snake will simply move to a more appealing area.

Liquid Fence Snake Repeller works by confusing the snake’s scent receptors and this confusion tells the snake to move along.

Liquid Fence Snake RepellentThough the bottle is on the pricey side, you do get plenty of bang for your buck. The 1 quart bottle concentrate dilutes into 2 gallons of active repellent and this is enough to cover a 4000 square foot area.

We recommend that you apply with a simple pump sprayer to save yourself much time and effort while ensuring a consistent application.

Thanks to its biodegradable properties, the Liquid Fence snake repellent is safe to apply to any type of lawn or vegetation without causing damage. As it is only intended to repel through smell, it does not contain any toxic materials so can be used without fear of harming wildlife or pets. This snake repellent is an all-natural, organic formula and is naphthalene free.

As with all their products, Liquid Fence offers a full money back guarantee should you not get the desired results.

Liquid Fence Snake Repellent Conclusion

Liquid Fence snake repellent is a safe and effect way for you to keep snakes away from your lawn and garden.

Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.

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