Hoont Pest Repeller Review

Hoont Electronic Motion Activated Outdoor/Indoor Animal & Pest Repeller Overview

The Hoont Electronic Motion Activated Pest Repeller is an effective and versatile tool for your in/outdoor pest control needs. While small in stature, the Hoont repeller is perfectly sized to easily integrate into your garden or even within your home.

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Hoont Pest Repeller Review

The Hoont comes with an impressive range of options that are sure to deter all manner of critters from your garden. The infrared motion detector can effectively cover a space of around 800ft² and the device can be plugged in using the included adaptor or powered by a standard 9 volt battery. The motion sensor trips three different deterrents, which can be used separately or together depending on your needs. There is a powerful LED which will strobe and disorient anything which comes close. Alongside this, you can also have a loud noise playing to startle an animal and trigger their flight response. Hoont Ultrasonic Pest RepellerThe final feature that triggers is an ultrasonic noise, undetectable to human ears but alarming to wildlife. It does not cause them pain but causes a level of discomfort that will continue until they move away from your garden. This setting is effective against pests of all sizes, with customers reporting its effectiveness with everything from deer to fruit flies. That’s an impressive array of pests which virtually guarantees the Hoont can play a key role in delivering to your pest repelling needs. The versatility of the Hoont affords you an impressive range of pest control solution options. For a full time deterrent simply disarm the motion detector and allow the ultrasonic component to run continuously. For this approach it may be better to have the unit plugged rather than battery powered – yet another operational option for the Hoont. The motion detector light and/or sound burst are also effect against a range of outdoor pests. The Hoont is self-contained within a sleek white box and has a number of installation options, including use of an outdoor stake which comes packaged with the unit. The whole thing is contained in a sleek white box which can be easily affixed to a number of places. It can be attached to an aluminum stake, which comes packaged Given its effectiveness and versatility the Hoont is a relative value. It features robust construction capable of standing up to the elements and your pests for a long time to come.

Hoont Pest Repeller Conclusion

If you have pests then it’s hard to beat the Hoont. It’s effective against a wide range of pests and is designed stand up to the outdoor elements. No matter the nature or size of your infestation, odds are that the Hoont is a good starting point for you and your lawn and garden.   Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.


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