Frostfire Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat and Pest Repeller

Ultrasonic Cat and Pest Repeller Overview

The folks at Frostfire offer an interesting twist with their Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat and Pest Repeller. Most ultrasonic repellents are battery or outlet powered and most solar powered repellents are light or motion oriented. However, this Frostfile product uniquely blends solar power with ultrasonic repelling technology.

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Solar Powered Ultrasonic Cat and Pest Repeller Review

The feature that allows the Frostfire Cat Repeller to operate on solar power is actually a tremendous feature that further differentiates this product from other ultrasonic pest repellers. This device is actually motion activated.

That’s right, a solar powered, motion activated ultrasonic cat and pest repellent. That represents a fairly unique blend of features that make this product perfect for keeping pests or even pets out of specific parts of your yard.

Want to keep you cats off your deck or out of your garden? Then this product is right for you. It allows full access to your yard but once they come within 22 feet of your garden, the ultrasonic tone is emitted and your pet is gently repelled.

Frostfile Solar Powered Ultrasonic Pest RepellerBecause the repeller is solar powered, if placed well, it becomes a set and forget deterrent.

Installation is both versatile and easy. The lightweight unit is waterproof and can be mounted on nearly any surface. You’ll simply want to place the unit at a height that corresponds with the size of your target pest and in a location with plenty of sunshine.

If your desired placement location doesn’t get much direct sunlight then you’re still in luck. The Frostfile pest repeller comes with a USB charging cable allowing you to extend your coverage area.

The product’s features and versatility also extend to the unit’s performance settings. Volume and frequency may be adjusted to respond to different types of pests. Be sure to check the directions that accompany the product for manufacturer specifications. You may also see our FAQ page for frequency hearing ranges related to specific pests.

Due to the range of setting options, it is highly encouraged that you exercise patience in testing to find the absolute best setting for your pest and situation. The majority of complaints carry the theme of user impatience. On the other hand, customer feedback for those taking the time to fine tune the device is off the charts positive.

Ultrasonic Cat and Pest Repeller Conclusion

The Frostfire Repeller is a well-designed and powerful piece of equipment that is the right purchase for those wanting to protect a specific portion of their yard from both pets and pests.

Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.


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