Deerfly Patch Review

Deerfly Patch Overview

The Deerfly Patch by TredNot is designed with the understanding that sometimes nature itself, in the form of biting bugs and insects, is what keeps you indoors and not fully enjoying all that it has to offer.

At times like this, you need a lure that will attract pests away from you, once and for all.

This is where the Deerfly Patch comes into play. Simply affix this pest bait station near where you’re hanging out and watch it go to work.

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Deerfly Patch Review

When it comes to keeping your skin safe from insects, spray-on repellents are not always effective, especially on hot days when your sweat and activities interfere with their ability to repel. The Deerfly Patch works in any weather by creating an appealing, and final landing spot for any of the pests buzzing around your head.

The Deerfly Patch works like fly paper. Once a bug lands they become stuck and are no longer able to bite, sting, and harass.

TredNot Deer Fly PatchesAlong with deerflies, these patches attract and catch marsh flies, sheep flies and mayflies, saving you from a whole range of nasty bites.

For the outdoorsman, these patches are often affixed to their hat for all day, no fuss protection from deer flies and several other stinging and biting bugs.

Does this pest patch really work? After spending your day hunting or fishing your trophy filled hat ornament will tell the tale.

The patches are generally good for up to 3 days depending upon the number of flies you’ve attracted. But you may want to start with a fresh one each morning so you’re not wearing yesterday’s catch.

The patches are chemical and odor free. They measure 2”by 6” and are lightweight and easy to attach. The adhesive is strong so use caution when affixing and removing the patch to your hat, clothing, or other such location.

Deerfly Patch Conclusion

The Deer Fly Patch is a unique product and likely isn’t for everyone. After all, not everyone wants to be a walking fly trap. However, if you’re an outdoors man more keen on your comfort than your appearance, the Deer Fly Patch by TredNot is worth adding to your pack.

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