Deer Stopper Deer Repellent Concentrate

Deer Stopper Deer Repellent Concentrate Overview

Most folks enjoy and appreciate deer up until they are become a nuisance in your garden, then it’s time to reach for the best deer repellent you can find. You want a product that will discourage the deer away from your yard without bringing them harm.

Deer Stopper Concentrate by Messina Wildlife may be exactly what you need. This organic formula is refined to repel deer while causing no damage to your garden, lawn, or outdoor furniture.

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Deer Repellent Spray – Deer Stopper Concentrate Review

Due to hunting regulations, the US deer population has exploded tenfold to over 15 million in the past century. As a result, many Americans have experienced waking up to a ruined garden and fresh deer droppings adorning the lawn. The Deer Stopper spray lets you gently fight you back with a smell of your own, allowing you to reclaim your territory.

The Deer Stopper offers a pungent smell to the deer’s sensitive nose and the odor will carry beyond simply your spray point. That means you can easily spray a perimeter that will serve as an effective protective barrier for your lawn and garden.

Deer Stopper Concerntrate Deer RepellentMeanwhile, the natural oils used in the mixture, like rosemary and mint, will fill your garden with scents that most people find pleasing.

The concentrate should be diluted prior to application. The 1 quart sized bottle is enough to make 3.5 gallons of repellent. For best results, the mix should be applied to your garden using a

pump sprayer, to ensure an even distribution.

The mixture does not need to soak your plants; simply giving the area a few sprays is enough to keep the deer at bay. The formula will need to be reapplied once a month regardless of weather conditions.

With an impressive range of feedback, this product can be trusted to rid your garden of deer once and for all. Customers speak highly of the pleasant smell and complete lack of deer that they have enjoyed since they started using the product. Some have also reported that it has helped drive away groundhogs and other critters, so it is something to consider when planning your pest control strategies.

Deer Stopper Concentrate the Best Deer Repellent Spray Conclusion

As preventative methods go, few offer the results of Deer Stopper while also delivering a safe and all natural product. Use this product monthly to reinforce your lawn and garden perimeter and deer will know to avoid your home when they are out foraging

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