Deer and Rabbit Liquid Fence

Deer and Rabbit Liquid Fence Overview

Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent should be your call when you have rabbits or deer wreaking havoc on your plants and garden. This all natural product is easy to use and has a long standing track record of repelling success.

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Deer and Rabbit Liquid Fence Review

Everybody loves deer and everybody loves rabbits. There’s just something about them that engenders them to us more than opossums and even feral cats. That is until they start picking your garden dry. Then it’s time to seek out a safe but effective repeller and Liquid Fence should be at the top of your shopping list.

By spraying your plants with Liquid Fence, animals turn their nose up at the thought of nibbling your roses. Deer and rabbits, like many animals, have a keen sense of smell which they rely upon to find food and avoid predators. Liquid Fence is formulated to disrupt these senses which cause them to feel unsafe and mosey along.

The deer and rabbit repellent formula is ecologically friendly and can be applied to any plant, even edible crops, without fear of damage.

Deer and Rabbit Liquid FenceWhile it has a slight scent when being put down, Liquid Fence dries odorless to the human nose. This is a tremendous advantage over its many competitors, whose strong smells can be off-putting or even irritating to people with sensitivities.

Keeping rabbits and deer at bay need not be expensive. A 40 oz. supply of concentrate makes 5 gallons of repellent, ensuring that you get a good level of protection for your money. This is enough to cover about 10,000ft² of ground.

We recommend that you apply with a simple pump sprayer to save yourself much time and effort while ensuring a consistent application.

Despite its name, the Liquid Fence must be sprayed across the entire area you wish to protect and not simply around the perimeter. Failure to do this will simply force deer to avoid the patches which have been sprayed instead of your whole garden.

The company, Liquid Fence, is extremely confident in its product, offering a full refund in the event that is fails to solve your problem. Their confidence is supported by a significant number of happy customers who consistently report effective and long lasting results.

(Check with the manufacturer and sales site for details of the refund offer)

Deer and Rabbit Liquid Fence Conclusion

Preventing rabbits and deer from wrecking your garden may seem like an endless struggle. However, with Liquid Fence you have a safe and effective ally in your pest repelling and garden preservation efforts.

Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.

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