Cy-Kick Pest Control Insecticide

Cy-Kick Pest Control Insecticide Overview

Cy-Kick Pest Control Insecticide is your go-to move when it’s time to ramp up your pest control assault.

Tired of playing nice with the repellers and want to show the bugs who’s boss? The Cy-Kick may be your escalation move of choice.

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Cy-Kick Pest Control Insecticide Review

Cy-Kick is an insecticide and not simply a repellent. That means we’re using lethal force here and not simply trying to move the pests along. Nothing is wrong with this approach, besides Cy-Kick is something a pest control service might use if you were to call them.

The active ingredient within Cy-Kick is cyfluthrin. This chemical has long been used in the pest control industry for its effectiveness in taking down insects.

Cyfluthrin as a contact chemical and does not require ingestion. Pests may absorb the chemical via food, air, or even through their skin if they walk over a treated area.

Once inside an insect’s body, the cyfluthrin interferes with the insect’s ability to regulate its levels of salt. This causes a rapid breakdown of cells and a quick death. Although it may sound painful, insects do not have a complex enough nervous system to feel pain.

However, many insects poise a clear and present danger to your family and pets. Many common spiders, like the Black Widow and Brown Recluse are known to be deadly. Scorpions can deliver a painful sting, and insects of all types are known to carry a wide range of disease.

Cy-Kick InsecticideSo raising the bar in your pest control offensive is sometimes warranted. In fact, it might be part of a sound strategy. Take extreme measures to stem an infestation and then use repellers to provide lasting results.

Applying this the Cy-Kick Pest Control Insecticide is simple enough and can be used straight from the bottle or by diluting with water. To achieve the best spread, make sure to invest in agood sprayer. This will greatly reduce the amount of effort it takes to protect your house and helps you get the spray into those hard to reach places.

Once the Insecticide is ready, spray a light coat around all the entrances to your house. For complete coverage, create a wide barrier of the solution around the base of your house, where the brickwork meets the ground. Applied in this way, this Insecticide is guaranteed to come into contact with a huge number of insects.

Use caution while spreading the Cy-Kick product. The active ingredient is strong and can be problematic to humans if absorbed in high does. Covering your skin is highly advised and wearing protective eye wear is recommended. Review the label for additional precautions.

Each application is good for about 90 days but you can shorten this time of decrease the dilution if your pests persist.

Cy-Kick Pest Control Insecticide Conclusion

Sometimes we just need to step up our game and Cy-Kick’s Pest Control Insecticide is ready for action when you cross that line.

Check out our Pest Repelling FAQ for more information.

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