Castor Oil for Lawn Moles

Lawn Mole Repelling Castor Oil Overview

Castor Oil is a versatile compound and has been formulated for use in products ranging from soaps and sealants to pharmaceuticals and healthcare. This versatility is further on display as the folks at Baar have taken advantage of Castor Oil’s natural properties to develop an ecological friendly solution to your mole problem.

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Castor Oil for Lawn Moles Review

This specific Castor Oil formulation is designed to keep moles away from your lawn but the formula has also been shown effective at repelling armadillos and gophers as well. This makes it a great solution across a range of yard damaging pest problems.

Meanwhile, Castor Oil is not harmful to your gardens, pets or family and may be used safely thanks to its reliance on natural and environmentally safe ingredients.

The protection works on three levels: smell, taste and texture.

As most animals, moles use their nose to help them navigate and track their marked territory. This oil overwhelms the mole’s delicate sense of smell which causes them to quickly seek a more hospitable environment.

A persistent mole will find the oil fouling out their taste buds as they attempt to consume vegetation which now tastes like Castor Oil. Though not toxic, it should not be used on edible garden plants for this reason.

The final level of protection relies on an animal’s aversion to the sensation that oil gives them. Since many animals use their paws to mark territory, coating these tools with a thin layer of castor oil hinders their effectiveness.

Baar Caster Oil Mole RepellentSince none of these impacts are lethal, the moles will basically pack up and move elsewhere. So long as the oil is regularly applied, you should not see a return of the animals to your garden.

Despite its oil base, this product works well in a pump sprayer without gumming up and leaking. For best results, mix the oil with an equal amount of liquid soap before using a garden hose sprayer. Apply a liberal coating to the area you wish to protect and allow it to do its thing. As it is oil based, it resists water so will not be affected by rain and instead will soak harmlessly into the soil and vegetation, protecting them.

Response and feedback for this product has emphasised the speed with which it begins to take effect, with some consumers noticing a difference after just a few days. It has also been noted that trapping or poisoning moles is a very singular effort and must be repeated until the entire infestation is terminated. However, with a mole repellent like this unique Castor Oil formulation, the entire mole population is equally repelled and eager to leave your property at once.

Does Castor Oil Repell Lawn Moles – Conclusion

No more poisons and no more traps. Castor Oil Mole Repellent is your all natural mole control solution specifically engineered and formulated to keep your lawn and garden mole free.

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