Bodyality All Natural Bug Repellent Spray

Bodyality Bug Repellent Spray Overview

Bug Repellent Spray by Bodyality is a leader when it comes to finding a legitimate eco-friendly all natural insect repellent. This body friendly, DEET free spray uses essential oils and is perfectly safe for kids, pets, and plants. In fact, this product is so Earth-friendly that the bottle itself is biodegradable.

Save the planet AND repel insects, yes, you can have it all!

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All Natural Insect Repellent Review

We all know that person, or maybe you are that person, who in a large group, is always the first and sometimes the only one to be harassed by mosquito bites.

Strange as it may sound, there’s emerging science behind this phenomenon but the simple explanation is that mosquitos actually do prefer the taste of your blood over that of others. Once a pesky mosquito has identified you as a tasty target, he releases a pheromone that literally causes you to stand out in the crowd for all his mosquito buddies to easily find.

Interestingly, Blood Type O is known to be especially attractive, though factors such as weight, alcohol consumption and even pregnancy can all increase the chance of being bitten.

In any case, your best defense is to repel the mosquitos and other insects before they have a chance to attack and tag you, and this insect spray offers an effective and safe line of defense, allowing you to fight nature with nature.

As an all-natural essential oil-based solution, this spray is absorbed into the skin and able to resist water and sweat for a prolonged period of time. Its non-toxic formula can even be safely used with pets, who we sometimes forget suffer from mosquito bites in the same way.

Natural ingredients such as citronella oil and lemongrass oil are leading ingredients proven to keep mosquitoes at bay. They actually irritate the mosquito and make your skin an unappealing place to try and get a snack. How’s that for a change?

Even more, if you have already been bitten, the eucalyptus oil in this spray steps in to help sooth itchy bites and reduce the inflammation.

Bodyability Pest Repelling SprayIf you’re travelling to a tropical region, mosquitoes can be a serious problem, often carrying serious diseases such as malaria. As such, every precaution should be taken and this product can form a solid part of a complete protection pack.

It’s an ecologically sound product through and through. Not only has the spray been formulated to be effective without relying on DEET, sulphates or parabens, but the bottle has been made from recyclable plastic. The bottle is small and lightweight and, because it is an 8oz bottle, can even be included in your carry-on luggage. Though this may sound like a small size, it is enough to provide you and your family with robust protection for the summer months.

The price is perhaps the only downside, as there are many other effective products on the market which retail at a lower price. However, if you are conscious about what you put on your skin, or have allergic reactions to certain synthetic chemicals, then this spray is well worth the investment.

Bodyality Bug Repellent Spray Conclusion

With summer and outdoor events just around the corner, it is always a good idea to be prepared for what the warm weather brings with it – pesky insects. This spray is effective and won’t pollute you or your surroundings.

If you need an insect repellent that can deliver peace from pests and peace of mind, then this All Natural Spray is the right product for you.

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