Bird-X Bird Spikes

Bird-X Bird Spikes Overview

Bird Spikes are as straight forward as it gets in the bird repelling game. Take away the birds perch and your send the birds away.

In fact, it’s what professionals use when they need to keep birds away from delicate power lines or electrical transmitting equipment, so you know it’ll work for you.

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Bird-X Spikes Review

From a distance birds are nice animals, but in the close quarters of your deck, windowsills, and garden they can become nasty and annoying. Between their early morning mating calls and the disgusting droppings they leave in their wake, I’m fine with letting my neighbors lure the birds in with the feed while I enjoy their muted songs from a distance.

Bird Spikes by Bird-X are up to this task.

Simply attach the spikes to the surface you want to keep bird-free and the work is done. Birds will suddenly be unable to perch where the spikes have been placed and instantly you’re bird free.

Installation is a breeze. The narrow based of the spikes is easy to mount using the adhesive provided. The spikes stemming from the base fan out to provide a wider coverage area. This feature is somewhat unique to the Bird X product.

Bird spikes are also maintenance free. Once installed, there’s nothing left to do but enjoy not having to listen or clean up after your feathered pests.

Bird X Bird Spikes Bird RepellentEach purchase comes with a 12 pack of spikes, along with a tube of adhesive which is more than enough to stick all twelve in place. That’s enough spikes to deliver 10 feet of coverage. Typically that’s enough for a home application but the pricing is such that you can easily pick up additional spikes for nearly any sized job.

Additionally, the spikes can be hung upside down to prevent bats from nesting in the rafters of your attic or storage buildings. The adhesive is incredibly strong once set so you will not need to worry about the spikes falling down, even when placed this way.

The best thing about their transparent design is that the spikes are almost invisible from a distance, meaning that the look of your house and yard are not spoiled, as is often the case with some similar products. These spikes are made from a strong plastic, guaranteeing that they will last for decades and provide optimal protection throughout their lifetime. They never need to be cleaned and are unlikely to break, so other than the initial set-up, you need never spend time even thinking about them.

With hundreds of happy customers you can buy with confidence.

Bird-X Bird Spikes Conclusion

If birds routinely perch at specific places around your home and this is a behavior you want to end, then the Bird X Bird Spikes may be the perfect and economical product for you.

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