Bird Gard Pro Sonic Bird Repeller

Bird Gard Pro Sonic Bird Repeller Overview

The Bird Gard Pro Sonic Bird Repeller is the equipment the professionals use when they need to make sure they are bird free. This product is frequently used for commercial applications like buildings, crops, and even airports. But it’s available for residential use if your bird problem and/or property size warrants the investment.

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Pro Sonic Bird Repeller Review

The Pro Sonic Bird Repeller is not a standard issue ultrasonic repeller emitting a discomforting tone. Rather this Bird Gard commercial grade repeller uses high quality digital recordings of predators to frighten away your pests.

The audio is broadcast over a PA system featuring high fidelity speakers. The crisp, clean sounds guarantees that the Repeller will trick birds into thinking they are at risk of attack.

The Bird Gard Repeller is incredibly high tech, with the ability to swap out microchips designed to target specific birds. The device ships with the standard chip which contains the perfect combination of sounds to repel many common bird pests, such as the European starling, American robin, grackles, house finches, ring-billed gulls, blue jays and red winged blackbirds.

If you have a different bird species to repel now or in the future, simply contact the manufacturer directly and they will be more than happy to sell you the specific chip you need.

Bird Gard Pro Sonic Bird RepellerThese Repellers are effective over one and a half acres, so you can essentially guarantee that the skies over your yard will be a no fly zone for your feather pests.

The Pro Sonic ships with a 50’ power cable, which plugs into a standard power outlet. Together, this should provide a wide range of deployment options.

For the best results, make sure that device is properly mounted at least 6ft from the ground. Too low and the birds will not be fooled, so the higher up you can place it, the better. The casing is built to last and completely weather proof, so it’s ready to work over the long term.

The Bird Gard Sonic Repeller does come with a hefty price, but remember, you’re getting a commercial grade product, one that is used by commercial farmers and airports so keep that in mind.

Bird Gard Pro Sonic Bird Repeller Conclusion

If you can afford this price upfront, you’ll be getting a guaranteed winner. While you can find less expensive sonic deterrents (many of which are good products), the Bird Gard is a top of the line professional grade bird repeller.


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