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ET Pest Control Bat Targeting System Overview

Bats are interesting animals from their nocturnal habits and how they perch upside down, to their mythology as haunting creatures. Bats are also effective pest control devices in their own right as they feast nightly on many of the flying bugs that you and I detest.

In fact, many products are sold that actually encourage bats to colonize on or around your property because they are considered a better alternative than the bugs.

But for some of us bats are also super creepy, so while it’s nice that they are defending the night from pests, let’s make sure they are setting up shop somewhere other than your yard.

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ET Pest Control Bat Repellent Review

There is a wide range of ultrasonic pest repellers available on the market today, but what makes this product stand out is the ability to adjust the output frequency to specifically target bats. In fact, the product hails itself as the Bat Targeting System.

Ultrasonic noises are uncomfortable for many animals and insects due to their sensitive hearing. However, bats in particular are especially sensitive to high frequency sounds, as they rely on sonar or echo-location to navigate and hunt at night.

You may be familiar with the expression ‘blind as a bat’, but this too is a myth. Bats don’t have poor vision so much as a uniquely evolved vision. Bats rely on sound waves rather than light waves which allow them to effectively “see” sounds and navigate with great accuracy and precision.

Therefore, finding the right ultrasonic device that allows for a targeted disruption of the bats’ sonar is virtually guaranteed to eliminate unwanted bats from the area. And the ET Bat Targeting System is the right product for the job.

There are many devices like this available on the market but this one has a strong reputation not only as a bat repeller but also as one of the more versatile pest repellers available on the market today.

Sure, it might be one of the more expensive products on the market but this product offers such a wide range of features that it is really like getting multiple repellers in one.

Bat RepellerThe ET Pest Control ultrasonic bat repellent features an “Output” switch that allows you to change between a continuous noise and a random sequence. The latter setting delivers intermittent bursts which prove disorienting and this also reduces your energy consumption. This feature is good for smaller pest issues or as a maintenance approach once a large infestation has been addressed.

The “Range” switch controls the frequency. The low setting is used when you have driven away the bats and want to stop them returning. The range on this setting is quite far reaching. The high setting increases the frequency, making for a more penetrating noise which is used to drive away an infestation. These are then used in conjunction with the “Pitch” switch, which allows you to choose between a fixed tone and a variable tone. The fixed tone keeps an area clear, while the variable tone creates an annoying constant pitch change to clear out any bats that have already moved in.

Note, the Output and Pitch explanations sound similar but they do differ. The output speaks to steadiness of the ultrasonic tone. For example, is the water running or is it only dripping. The Pitch speaks to the frequency of the sound emissions. For example, what temperature is the water flowing. This affords you a wide array of options for setting up your device.

There’s also a small power check button that allows you to hear an audible frequency, so you know with confidence that the unit is working. This is also helpful in confirming the specifics of your Output and Pitch setup.

Another feature is the manufacturer who takes an active interest in ensuring the satisfaction of their customers, including working with customers to troubleshoot the unit set up and helping address potentially defective devices.

ET Pest Control Bat Targeting System Conclusion

This is a wonderfully effective and humane method of ridding your property of bats, and several other outdoor pests. Though the price may be a little higher than other devices, few offer the range of features along with the outstanding track record and manufacturer support that make the ET Pest Control/Bat Repeller one of the best bat repellent devices available on the market today.

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