Animal Expeller Isotronic Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Animal Expeller Isotronic Solar Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Overview

The Animal Expeller uses high pitched sounds to deter a wide range of animals from entering your garden, as well as driving out existing infestations. If you want maximum pest control with minimal fuss, then the Animal Expeller might be the right tool for the job.

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Isotronic Solar Animal Expeller Review

Unlike many sonic devices which require batteries or a connection to a power outlet, the Isotronic Solar Animal Expeller is a day one money saver as it relies on solar power for its pest repelling energy source. Its unique diamond shape is designed to maximize the solar panel surface area in order to provide you with ongoing operation even on overcast days.

Due to its unique Swelling Frequency Technology (SFT), this device ensures that it is consistently able to drive away animals of all shapes and sizes, from ants to moles and even snakes.

Some pests can grow accustomed to many ultrasonic repellent devices when they rely only on a single frequency. Those emissions may simply be tuned out. However, when the frequency is adjusting, you are able to impact a greater range of pest while not allowing them time to acclimate to any single frequency. This is the solution you want, as the impacted pests leave the area to avoid the ultrasonic blasts.

The frequency continuously oscillates between 400 and 1000Hz, which covers the hearing range of most common garden pests. This range is safely beyond the limits of human hearing, so can be used in any garden.

Isotronic Solar Snake Ant Mole Mouse Repeller, Animal ExpellerEach spike has an effective range of 10,000 square feet in wide open terrain; however, this reach is impacted by various obstructions. Therefore, you’ll want to position the spike as central as possible to ensure the best impact.

The spike itself is sleek in design and, once inserted into the ground, is barely noticeable. The underside is coloured green so will blend in with your lawn or plants. The device is made of resilient materials which will allow for easy installation and its weather resistant design allows it to stand up to the sometimes harsh outdoors.

Though it may seem expensive at first, its solar power source ensures that the Animal Expeller is always at work for you without the maintenance of replacing batteries or the unsightly power cords necessary for other products. As a solar powered device, the Animal Expeller is made to be a set it and forget it pest solution for your garden or outdoor space.

This sonic device uses an oscillating multi-frequency approach to effectively keep a range of unwanted pests confused and irritated, which encourages them to seek their peace somewhere other than your yard.

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