How To Keep Birds Away From My House?

how to keep birds away from my houseBirds are pretty cool. Until you have responsibilities to take care of. Like, keeping your house in check. Maintaining your porch’s cleanliness isn’t going to go smoothly with dropping all over the place.

Here’s the problem with them: They get TOO comfy and refuse to leave your home. Well, here’s how to keep bird away from your house!

Think Before You Act

I know you are THIS close to turn them into fried bird wings, but before you make a harsh and irrational decision, calm down a bit. Or you might just end up in jail…probably (I heard their food sucks.)

Apparently, there are a lot of bids which are protected under local laws. So yes, before you start using your flamethrower, better start researching first.

Identifying their species is important. You’ll be able to be able to take the most favorable course of action through that. In the long run, you’ll be able to find out which is the best system to use.

By the way, don’t get bummed after you’ve tried doing different methods AND you still see them casually chirping around your area. You can’t COMPLETELY vanish them. However, most of the problem will be solved.

Try These Tricks!

Getting down to it, it mostly depends on where the birds are chilling. I’m going to discuss over some popular ways of getting rid of them. Check these out:

  • Trap ‘em birds!

The best way to trap birds? It isn’t any different when trapping humans – USE FOOD! You can lure them in with crumbs and bird food.

  • Fool Them

Here’s a really fun way to fool them. You can use fake dolls and images of owls and hawks. By doing this, they’ll think that it’s “real” and will avoid the area where the fake predators are.

  • Demolish Their Homes

I don’t want to sound like an evil person, but if you’re trying to get rid of birds – get rid of their homes first. If recently, you’ve been noticing birds flocking towards your house, they might be building their nests on your room. Removing it FORCES them to evacuate.

  • Crank Up The Volume

High-pitched sounds, apparently, annoy birds. They’ll stay away from any homes with ultrasonic blasting about. The only problem is, just like with birds, it annoys people as well.

You Forced Them To Leave, Now What?

The answer is simple: They’ll just come back! Here are some things to ensure they’re out for good.

  • Netting

Net the roof to get rid of them. But it’s quite dangerous when you’re hanging the net over.

  • Use Gel

Specifically, a perch-repellant gel. You can get them off the ledges by smothering gel all over it. They’re bound to get uncomfortable due to its sticky nature.

Wrapping It Up

There you go! Although they sure are pesky, there are some preventive measures you can take in order to get rid of them…not for good, though. Maintaining these methods will keep them off of your shoes until time allows it to.

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