How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally Using Baking Soda

how to get rid of ants naturally using baking soda

Baking Soda has been the hero for an all-purpose house cleaner for many years now. It’s not really a far of a stretch to know that it works wonderfully to kill ants and pests.

In order to get our suspicious confirmed, let’s talk about how to get things done with baking soda. Say good bye to those pesky ants!

The Materials Needed

Obviously, you’re going to need so much more than just Baking Soda. Although it would be cool to kill them with the powder alone. Eh, I’d call it as a “Miracle Powder” is that’s the case.

Aside from the baking soda, you would need powdered sugar, and of course, jar lids. Well, you don’t really need a “jar lid.” Honestly, anything would do fine as long as it holds in the bait.

But I wouldn’t call is as necessary. As for the tools, you can use a measuring spoon in your kitchen. These materials are pretty easy to gather, it’ll probably take a couple of minutes to scout around the kitchen.

It only makes this method more preferable for everyone else. For one, you don’t have to purchase materials at the mall, making you save cash in return.

The Instructions

Basically, this solution comes into two parts. As for the first one, get your baking soda and measure it at least at ¾ tablespoon. For the next step, go and grab your powdered sugar.

Preferably, it should have the same measurement as the baking soda, so they could be in equals. So always go for ¾ tablespoon as its measurement as well.

After you’ve got the measurements down, you can combine it immediately in your jar lid (or some other container if you chose a different one.)

The good news is that ants aren’t that smart, they are unable to tell whether which is which. Most of the time, they jumble baking soda and powdered soda for the other.

I don’t know why…but I feel as if people are capable of committing the same mistake as well. The cause of their confusion is its size. Here’s the reason why for this weird combination:

Sugar is what ants absolutely love, so it attracts them to go ahead and grab a particle of it. While the baking soda has the role of killing the ants. For the most part, the mixture of the two makes the baking soda sweet.

Once it has entered the system, the baking soda has negative effects on their system. The acid inside their digestive system battles each other. And eventually, the ants explodes to pieces.

Second Step

It’s like setting up a trap when you’re in war. Because you are, only it’s against ants. The location should be strategically organized. Depending on where the location of the lid is, it’ll determine whether you’re going trap in a lot of ants or not.

Like I said, it’s not really required for you to use a jar lid. You have the options to place it anywhere where you find useful. Ideally, you should go outside its nests to fool them.

Or in my case, I would place them on the countertop table where the food is being place.

Closing It In

More than anything else, baking soda is an amazing ingredient to kill ants. Or rather, fool them. Apparently, this teaches us to be wise and always check your home for any natural ways of killing ants.

This goes to show you don’t have to kill them off with harmful chemicals – which will also affect you and your plants’ health. There’s always a solution.

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