What Are Some Homemade Ant Repellents?

homemade ant repellent

Although the popular saying “Ants in my pants” is really catchy. The real thing is far from the truth. When ants are just justify to wander around, they’re most likely going to get into your property.  They get all over your FOOD! Not to mention it can cause harm to your plants, too.

Check Out These Neat Tricks!

You don’t have to spend a single cent, your home already has the answer to getting rid of ants.

  • The Power of Cinnamon

We all love Cinnamon – and it’s not because of the Cinnamon challenge which has swept over the entire world. If you happen to have some justify, then you can use that to get rid of ants. It’s pretty effective!

Cinnamon carries a unique smell which ants hate. It discourages them to penetrate your home or your kitchen. Do you want to leave the Fried Chicken on the table? Use Cinnamon!

Let’s not base it on my answer alone. Back in 2015, the International Journal of Scientific and Research Publications published a study in the matter. Surprisingly, using cinnamon essential oil does a lot of good in terms of repelling ants.

In order to do it on your own, just use ¼ cinnamon oil, then mix it up with one cup of water. After doing the first step, use cotton to soak it up. You may put it in places where ants usually go.

You don’t have to keep on doing it throughout the day. As a matter of fact, once is enough. After continuous pattern, they’ll eventually disappear.

  • White Vinegar

Ants rely on scent trails, use white vinegar to mess up with their natural instincts. But it’s a rather brutal way, don’t you think? It’s still effective though. They are unable to control the strong smell of white vinegar, forcing them to stay away.

Make sure that your vinegar and water are equal then you may shake them all up. Ideally, you should transfer it into a spray bottle. So that it won’t harm your sense of smell, you may add essential oil to keep the scent at bay.

Use it to spray the places where the ants usually go. Wait for a couple of minutes or up to an hour before you wipe it off with damp towel.

On a side note, white vinegar can be used for a lot of things. Including cleaning floors and windows. In these areas, ants are not able penetrate.

  • Lemons aren’t just for Lemonade

It’s the same with white vinegar. Lemons are also effective to keep ants away from your house and kitchen. The strong smell is something which ants dislike due to its acidic features.

Also, it messes with their scent trails. You may directly rub the lemon juice on where the entry of the ants usually are.

To be creative, you can use lemon peels as well. Put it around your door or kitchen to keep ants away.

  • Baby Powder!

Apparently baby powder doesn’t only have a positive effect on babies, but it also has a great effect on ants.

There are some ants which dislike the scent of baby powder, steal a stash from your baby’s closet and use it to sprinkle around the house.

You may do this once every day until they stop coming over at your place.


Ants may be annoying, but keeping them out of your house doesn’t have to expensive. Before you go to the mall and purchase an ant repellent, maybe you should stop by and take a look at your cabinet first.

Who knows? There just might be the answer all along.

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