What Are Some Gnat Repellent Plants?

gnat repellent plant

Plants continue to amaze us with their amazing features. On the other hand, gnats continue to pisses us off with its annoying features as well. No wonder they would make a good combination to battle it out.

There are a variety of plants which have been proven to work against gnats and other bugs. Here are some of them:

  • Basil

This works well to keep them away from your house. If you want your house to be gnat and mosquito-free, it’s advisable for you to plant them in a secured container. You can either have them indoors or outdoors.

Either way, it would be best to place them in areas where you would usually chill. Also, they make a pretty fine plant for improving taste.

There are ways where you can utilize basil as a spray. The recipe is pretty easy to follow, too. All you have to do is pour at least 4oz of hot water.

This should be transferred into a container which bears at least 6 ounces of basil leaves. If you don’t want to through the hassle of removing stems, it’s fine to have them as it is.

You should leave them be for a couple of hours. After waiting around 3-6 hours, squeeze out what moisture is justify and add it into the solution.

The next process is to combine it with vodka – don’t buy the expensive ones, it’s totally useless if you do – and into the mixture. You can then keep it inside your ref if you don’t have plans on using it.

A simple reminder though: when you spray, avoid going near your eyes, nose, and mouth to be on the safe side.

  • Lavender

This works for a number of things – moths, flies, and many more. For some reason, humans are drawn attached to the smell of lavender (Well, duh) but apparently, the flies hate it.

You can keep it tied to bouquets at your place, this prevents them from chilling at your place. To make sure to save you from those pests, it’s better to have them planted around the area of the entryways.

If you want, you can use its extraction and use it as your very own repellent. You may apply it on your skin if you plan on going out camping or going to places which has pests living in it.

Let’s not forget it makes your skin calm and cool due to its effects.

  • Lemongrass

This works great as well. You might have seen this in a number of store. Citronella, I mean. This is what’s inside lemongrass. When it has been extracted of course. If you plan on growing it, this should grow healthy on a sunny area.


Plants are amazing! They do not only make your home look more beautiful, but it comes with a purpose as well. Make sure to find the best one that would fit your home décor and style.

However, there are a lot more plants to choose from. You can navigate it over the internet.


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