Essential Oils As Bird Repellents

essential oil bird repellent

Essential oils have always been the answer to almost everything. Interestingly enough, it could be the answer to keeping your birds away from your plants and balconies.

As always, there are a number of essential oils with great effects. But what are the specific essential oils to keep them away? Learn about it below!

Scents Which Can Repel Them

Apparently, there are a lot of individual substances which can do the trick easily. For example, there’s a good number of ethereal oils that you can use as repellents due to its deterrent effect.

I’ll give you a bit of sample. In orange blossom oil, you’ll be able to find a unique substance. In particular, this is methyl anthranilate. This is known to be an effective way of keeping birds out in the picture.

What About Garlic Oil?

Not a lot of people know, but Garlic oil is one of the BEST essential oil to keep birds away. Here’s a fun fact: Even farmers use it.

The reason why is because it gets rid of bird and insects without compensating the growth of their crops. It doesn’t change the nutritional value and keep the fertility at bay.

Now, the green pesticide has risen into popularity among farmers globally. Repellents and pest controls are fine, but it doesn’t really bring them any favors when it comes to keeping their plants healthy.

It contains a lot of synthetic compounds which can be deadly. On the other hand, Garlic oil doesn’t contain any harmful substances at all. It keeps the birds and insects away without using any chemical-based pesticides.

It’s Not That Simple

Okay, you got that garlic oil is effective. But before you go out and rush into the grocery store to purchase a bottle of garlic oil, there’s something you should know – NOT all are effective.

Unfortunately, these aren’t your typical garlic oil which you can find anywhere else. There are only a number of varieties which we can count that gives a green light when it’s being extracted.

What you’re trying to achieve here isn’t some half-baked variety from a store you saw down on the street. You need to weigh your options on where you should get a batch.

Remember: Find HIGH-QUALITY garlic oil.

On the bright side, after all the struggles, you’re able to use it anywhere. For your information, this has already been referred by the Organic Farm Regulatory Orgs to use.

Also, if you’re spraying somewhere near people and other pets, you can be assured. This doesn’t have any negative effects on farm animals. If it helps, even the fishes are saved from this non-toxic repellent spray.

It’s A Wrap!

Garlic oil is REALLY impressive. It saves you from spending on any expensive, high in toxic, sprays. And it changes the ball game almost instantly due to its eco-friendly features.

You can even spray garlic oil on fruit-bearing trees without any problems. It’s doesn’t leave any remains which could harm the plan. It’s your all-around essential oil!

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