best-dog-repellent-guide-updated-for-2016Keep those dogs from turning your home into a litter box with the right dog repeller!

Yes, dogs are definitely man’s best friend: loyal, lovable and fluffy. They are a joy to have in the house. But stray dogs or your own dogs making a mess of your yard and your home?

Not delightful at all.

We all need to keep our households in order, and there are plenty of options on the market that will guard your furniture, your beautiful flower beds and your lawn. There’s also the fact that dogs can get a little too friendly and end up scratching and biting you—definitely unpleasant.

The trick is to find a dog repeller that does the job and is still a humane option—a simple trick that will keep you from resorting to chemicals that will not only harm the dogs, but possibly other family pets and family members.

This is especially important if it happens to be your neighbor or friend’s dog who’s causing the problem.

Why force yourself to seek a toxic, hazardous solution to keep dogs away, when there are so many answers to this dilemma that won’t lead to any of these harmful ways? Have a look at these devices and see which one may provide the best solution for you!

Dog Repeller Guide

Pet Parade Dog Repeller and Training Aid$3.1
Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Repeller$$3.4
PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent$$$2.9

Top 4 Dog Repellents

Pet Parade Dog Repellent and Training Aid


Pros: this portable device can be taken everywhere, making it a great choice for outdoor activities
Cons: you need to be a little more closer to the dog for this to have maximum effect

This nifty gadget is particularly useful for those who only want to keep dogs from themselves and small spaces—by emitting an ultrasonic sound that’s barely audible to the human ear, it can keep dogs away from your furniture or from scratching or biting you, which is a great solution for those who are not fond of dogs but keep encountering them. It can also be used to train dogs to behave better!

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Dog Dazer II Ultrasonic Repeller


Pros: it also works for cats, and is also portable
Cons: ineffective when used from behind certain passages because of sound travel

Another ultrasonic dog repeller, the Dog Dazer works by emitting that high frequency which canines utterly dislike. It comes with a clip so you can attach it to any part of your clothing and take it with you, and it’s effective for a distance up to twenty feet.

It can also be used to train your dog to obey certain commands, as they hate the noise. Because it is ultrasonic, however, it won’t work through walls or anything that may block out sound.

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PetSafe Outdoor Ultrasonic Bark Deterrent


Pros: has a super-wide range of fifty feet and three ultrasonic distance settings for your use
Cons: it has a short battery life, so it may be wise to invest in rechargeable batteries for this

For the noisy dog who won’t stop barking and interrupts your sleep, the PetSafe dog deterrent is a life-saver: it has an internal microphone that picks up the sound of a dog’s bark, and once it hears it, it emits that ultrasonic shriek that you can’t hear, but will definitely annoy the dog.

If you have neighbors who don’t take too kindly to dog repeller devices, this one is also disguised as a birdhouse so your neighbors have no idea what you’re up to when you install it outside!

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They’ll Learn Behave With The Best Dog Repeller!

theyll-learn-behave-with-the-best-dog-repellerTheir endless barking and bad behavior can disappear in the blink of an eye when you choose any of these dog repeller devices and adjust them to the proper settings.

In no time at all, you can enjoy the serenity and complete calmness of a home untroubled by a frisky dog’s digging in the backyard, or the barking of the neighbor’s Golden Retriever—all without hurting yourself or those animals.

How can you resist the promise of a quiet, undisrupted afternoon? Choose a great dog repeller, and see how wonderful these devices can truly be!

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