Does Peppermint Oil Repel Birds?

does peppermint oil repel birdsYou’re probably tired of all the pesky birds visiting in your house. It’s fine, we know they’re annoying. But can you get rid of them through a bottle of peppermint oil you’ve kept inside your cabinet?

Probably, you can. Peppermint oil or essential oils in general are versatile for different purposes. But let’s confirm our suspicions right here.

Peppermint Oil Has Been Recommended

Let’s look at how many people have been using Peppermint oil for different uses. It’s not really surprising for a large number of population to start experimenting with peppermint oil as repellents.

Here’s a situation where you can use peppermint oil. Going to the topic of Cryptococcosis. Although pigeons are cute, their droppings aren’t cute. Well, yes. They’re small. But the diseases they carry aren’t.

As a matter of fact, they’re considered to be a vital source for breeding disease fungus and Cryptococcus neoformans. I’ll name a number of things where this can take place.

Usually, it happens in attics, ledges, water towers, and many more. This is especially the case when the structure of the place is ideal of creating roosting and nesting areas.

This is a more serious matter than you think it would be. More than half – almost a hundred percent, at 84 percent – has been taken in as a sample. And alas, diseases were evident.

Yes, even when the dropping is already from weeks back and dry. They are still a breeding ground for infections. You’re going to be surprised with the number – it runs about 50M colony from a simple pigeon dropping.

On the bright side, it can be easily fixed with peppermint or borax. Just make sure that it’s being maintained on a daily basis. Of course, you would need diluted enzymes to do the work.

This has been an advice of a book written by Stephen Tvedten. He’s an author which has been creating books in relation to Nontoxic & Pesticide Free Pest Control.

Birds Have Delicate Respiratory System

Their body don’t have the same pattern as we do (No, duh. Since we CAN’T fly.) However, this makes their respiratory system weaker than ours – I honestly think it’s a small price to pay for not being able to pay for gas fees.

One thing is for sure though, if we’re going to discuss about PURE Peppermint oil, they’re really strong. Pet owners try to avoid using peppermint oil around their pet birds.

Apparently, it’s not only peppermint oils which could pose danger to birds. It has the same effect with using scenting candles and air fresheners.

These chemicals and substances are able to cause respiratory illnesses to birds. Putting some on your windowsills may be an effective control for bids.

Wrapping It Up!

Are you curious to see if it’s going to work? Then go ahead. Try some on your ledgers or windowsills. However, if you have a pet bird in your home, don’t ever try to use peppermint oil – or any harmful substances – around your pet.

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