When it comes to choosing the best bug repellent for your household, you should always factor in some certain considerations: the efficiency of the method, as they can range from the mechanical to the chemical.

Secondly: the lay of the land—it’s one thing to get a repelling lotion, but your home may require a bug repellent device, and it’s wise to note that your choices will have to accommodate the number of rooms that are affected by pests, as well as who or what may be negatively affected by any of the repellent’s drawbacks.

Thirdly, a good bug repellent should maintain efficacy for a long period of time—some methods lose their bug repellent power over time because of built-up tolerance.

Your Complete Bug Repellent Guide

Home Sentinel 5-in-1 Indoor Home Pest ControlLarge$$$3.3
Pest Offense Original Electronic Pest RepellerMedium$$3.3
Riddex Sonic Plus Pest Repellers w/ Side Outlets (set of 3)Small$3
As Seen on TV! Riddex Plus Pest RepellerSmall$3.2
bell-and-howellBell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers w/ Extra Outlet (3 Pack)Large$$3.2

Top 5 Bug Repellents

Riddex Plus Pest Repeller

Riddex Bug Repellent

Pros: super-quiet; can even be used with squirrels
Cons: takes a while to show full effects

As seen on TV! This incredible device is a bit of a slow burner—it can take up to two weeks to get the worst infestations fully cleared out. But unlike other bug repellents, the Riddex Plus Pest Repeller is noiseless and lightless—a discreet device that gets the job done like no other.

You can plug it in and even forget it’s there because it’s just so inobtrusive. Because of the use of electromagnetic fields in your home wiring, it emits a digital pulse that attacks a pest’s nervous system—meaning there are no nasty, harsh chemicals here. Click the picture for more details.

Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Bell and Howell Pest Repeller

Pros: ultrasonic technology deals even with ants and spiders
Cons: again, takes a while to work; has a clicking sound and flashing light that bothers some

The Bell and Howell Ultrasonic Pest Repellers are another solid choice for repelling pests in the home; they don’t work overnight, because it will depend on how many pests are around your household.

The device also has a small flashing light that may irritate people if it isn’t hidden properly, and the clicking sound can also be a bother—but the huge benefit is that its ultrasonic technology means that it’s very effective in dealing with ants, mice, spiders and other bugs that may be plaguing you. Click the picture for more details.

Home Sentinel 5 in 1 Indoor Home Pest Control

Home Sentinel Bug Repellent

Pros: multi-functionality makes it a great pick as a bug repellent
Cons: small blinking light can be an eyesore

The Home Sentinel 5 in 1 is particularly wonderful for the home because of the use of several kinds of technology to repel pests. It functions as a night light for normal, everyday use, but it also makes use of a combination of ultrasonic, ionic and electromagnetic technology to keep pests out of the home. The ionic effects purify the air around your home and get rid of the bacteria in your home’s air which may be attracting pests. There’s a small light on this as well, but it’s not a major nuisance.

Pest Offense Original Electronic Pest Repeller

Pest Offense Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Pros: simple and effective
Cons: must adjust the number of units to the number of circuits in your home; limited protection

This device is another great, chemical-free bug repellent as well as rodent repellent, but it is also one of the few which is EPA registered. Its ultrasonic system makes it excellent in dealing with insects, although its power does not extend to repelling roaches as effectively—but it is one of the most effective against spiders.

The Pest Offense also has the bonus effect of changing ultrasonic rhythm cycles so pests won’t adapt to its pulsing sound and become resistant, ensuring its effectivity for years. Click the picture for more details.

Riddex Sonic Plus Pest Repellers

Riddex Sonic Plus Pest Repeller

Pros: they keep bugs and even rodents away very effectively
Cons: red light can be a bit annoying for some, plus the clicking noise

The Riddex Sonic Plus Pest Repeller is also great for a home that needs protection from little creatures, but needs something that won’t harm small children or animals. S

imilar to the previous product, the electromagnetic waves it utilizes means it’s an excellent, non-toxic bug repellent that won’t harm the family pet.

There’s a bright red light that lets you know when it’s on, which may bother some people—as well as a clicking noise. However, it’s super-effective: mice just scuttle away when this device is plugged in. Click the picture for more details.

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Protect Your Home! With the sheer number of non-hazardous bug repellent devices and systems out there, more homeowners should arm themselves with the proper tools to protect their health and their belongings—keep those pests out by finding the right method for you!

Why choose chemicals when you can protect yourself without toxins? Consider all these devices—they’re safe, humane, and ready for use in your house.

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