Raccoons are one of the animals that you do not really have to worry about. But a part of you should actually do – does that even make sense?

Raccoon problem is not an uncommon thing to have, especially if you are sure about your signs.

Raccoon infestation is one of the things you do not want to sweat about. Because it can be avoided with enough knowledge on basic measurements to take on becoming unappealing to these nocturnal animals.

Having enough knowledge about these animals and their actions can be a helpful things.

Signs of Raccoon Infestation

signs-of-raccoon-infestationFirst, you have to know if there are raccoons in your area. Or if there are any incidents of raccoon infestation that can be concerning within your parameter.

If there is no such thing in the area, good for you. But if your neighborhood is a place where raccoons can have an easy access, taking some signs and some raccoon repellent measures may be best.

The first sign for raccoons to visit your place any time soon are, well, raccoons themselves.

Then, you might your trash had been overturned in morning, or some of your garden plants had been eaten.

Lastly, the sign that you would want to avoid is to have these raccoons entering or trying to enter your home through the attic.

Getting Rid of Raccoons

If you have proven or checked all the boxes that the raccoons had arrived, there is no need to worry.

Because there are some natural ways of repelling and getting rid of raccoons in your area.


sanitationFirst, it is a basic knowledge that the first thing that raccoons go through and raid is your trash cans. Because this will not give them the satisfaction of having a full stomach from your waste.

Make sure your trash can is made of tough materials so they could not easily get access on the garbage inside.


inspectionIf you have an emergency budget for these kinds of circumstances, then you can avail for an inspection. Okay, this probably should be done before you sign on the home purchase.

Inspectors will determine whether or not raccoons had been or is residing on your home through the looks of damages, the fecal matter left, tracks, and maybe even hearing or seeing them over around the home or through the attic.

Lastly, if you cannot control these raccoons by yourself anymore, it is time for you to bring in the big guns and have a raccoon control.

This is a non- lethal and legal way to help you get rid of your raccoon problems. But remember that in order for the trapping and capturing process be successful, you should listen and let your pest management do their thing.

If you try doing it by yourself, it can lead to bites or even health problems if you do not properly handle it.

By securing all your trash cans and having plants that are not attractive to these guys, this will make them feel unwelcome to which will naturally pull them away your home path and lead them to somewhere else.

Make Them Unwelcome

Making them unwelcome means you have to make sure of the following limitations that you will be giving them:


  • Make sure that they do not get any access in your garbage cans for food
  • Do not leave your pet’s food outside the house
  • Fruit plants should be well taken care of, and if they are tress, make sure that the fruits that falls off are not left on the ground
  • Make sure that they you limit their access to your water; if you have a swimming pool, make sure to cover it during the night. If there is any chance that you suspect or see raccoon feces on the pool, you may want to call your pest management team and have it checked

Best Raccoon Repellents: Top Picks

Building or coming up with your own system to naturally repel raccoons from your garbage cans, yards and home can be tricky especially if you are not that familiar with the raccoon type and their general behavior.

Educating yourself with regards to raccoons and their characteristics is the basic step to take, and maybe ask your friend or neighbor for an advice with regards to the DIY repelling measures you could take and products you can use.

To cut your process a bit shorter, here are some of the natural raccoon repellent or deterrents that you can consider and use to effectively shoo- away these nocturnal animals on your property.

Havahart Critter Ridder 3146 Animal Repellent


This animal repellent comes in different sizes that you could choose from, depending on your need.

It is a patented all- natural organic formula that is designed by Havahart to help you repel budding pests around your parameter such as raccoons, skunks, squirrel, chipmunks and even dogs and cats.

It is OMRI approved, meaning it is okay for you to put it in your garden to effectively repel these animals.

Effectively repels the animals through the smell it gives and its taste, it is also made for the use on your lawn and garden (for the outside parameter) and on your storage, basement and cellars (for inside use).

Lastly, you do not have to worry about it being washed away by a simple watering on your plants or even when it rains. It is water- resistant and can reach a good 300 feet of repelling throughout your property – and it lasts for 30 days.

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Austin’s Ammonia Clear


Okay, so for an all- in- one purpose of cleansing and repelling, this Ammonia Clear by Austin is designed not only to clean your clothes.

But at the same time, it will help you repel the raccoons that may be surrounding your property.

Proper usage is to soak a couple of towels in Ammonia. Then, while leaving it in the formula, place these bowls in strategic areas around your property that can be a way for these raccoons to enter and exit.

You will repeat the process of soaking or simply refill the bowls once they have had dried up.

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Eco Defense Organic Home Pest Control Spray


This organic home pest spray by Eco defense is designed mainly for the treatment of the common household bugs and pests.

So, you may think how is this going to be of great help when it comes to repelling the raccoons around you, right?

With it being organic and also designed to be safe to be used in your garden and lawn, the chemical that it is made of it is made to repel the unwanted pests in your property.

And all the while, keeping you and your family safe from any poisoning.

 It has a strong repelling chemical that will keep the raccoons away from your plants, and from the inside of your home. Plus, it is multi- purpose!

It will help you treat the annoying bugs that may be existing in your house such as spiders, ticks and fleas, mites and scorpion to name a few.

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Nite Guard Solar


One thing is for sure, not all raccoon repellents are made of chemicals that need to be applied onto your lawn or garden; some of which is as simple as contrasting the characteristic of the animal.

That is what exactly this Nite Guard Solar is.

With raccoons known for being a nocturnal animal, Nite Guard came up with a direct solution as to making it day during the night time.

This equipment will save you from spending so much in professional pest management help, and can be considered as they best DIY pest management for those with pest problems.

The function and goal of this solar machine is to alarm the nocturnal animals by flashing in its bright light. It can be easily installed and managed by the user as the LED light is automatically set to switch on when it already sensed the pests in your area.

For your money’s worth, it is durable enough to take on any weather. Also it is reliable to function on a good three to four hours of usage.

Testing of this product shows that the Nite Guard Solar is a good repellent for animals such as foxes, skunks, possums and of course, raccoons.

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DIY Baits, Traps and Catching of Raccoons

Although it is not really advisable for you to handle these nocturnal animals on your own, being equipped with some basic notes to remember may help and give you enough confidence to do it on your own.



When you are sure that there are raccoons surrounding your property during the wee hours of the night or maybe even in broad daylight, the first step to effectively catching it is to have an  appealing and good bait.

It is a given that your leftovers and trash bins are the most effective baits to lure in the raccoons.

But what you want to avoid is for them to be introduced to it. So first, find a strategic area where you can move quickly in case you successfully trap them. Here are some of the baits you may consider:


  • Bread: pancakes, croissants, muffins, etc.
  • Pet foods: bird pellets, wet cat food, dry pet food, etc.
  • Seafood: canned or fresh fish, sardines, salmon, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables: watermelon, cucumber, carrots, pineapple, etc.
  • Desserts: cupcake, doughnut, etc.
  • Others: pizza, burgers, steaks, rice, egg, pork, beer, mac and cheese, chicken, and any other leftover food possible

Here’s another secret, raccoons are drawn to round, white objects which makes eggs are a good bait; but one of the best baits you can use are marshmallows.

These yummy treats are white, round, and sweet just how coons like their food.

Trapping and Capturing

trapping-and-capturingNow, here’s the main event before the end. Baits are just a small percentage when it comes to capturing your friendly raccoons. You must focus more on the trapping stage: materials and other measures to effectively trap them.

Take note that you will know the type of raccoon you have by where you see them; usually when a raccoon is found in the attic, it is a female with a young.

Meaning, most of the time, when you capture a raccoon which you suspect had been residing in your attic, you may want to check up their nipple and up in your attic whether she had nestled in some pups.

You would want to avoid a starving and crying baby raccoons in the future.

Here are a couple of traps you may want to consider that is usually used by professionals to help avoid future escapes:

Body Grip Traps

It is the traditional trap that is used, and can be lethal for the pest. This is not really an advisable trap, you would like to remove these animals in your home safely. The main purpose of this trap is to kill the raccoon by choking or crushing.

Paw Hold Trap

This may be a less violent than the body grip, but again not preferred. The main process of this trap is to clamp down the raccoon’s paws and hold it, usually this trap is used when hunting.

Live Cage Trap

Probably the most common trapping device there is, which is used by animal control and even the homeowners.

It is easy to manage for any user, as it is a simple cage that will have the bait in it and then lure the raccoon.

Make sure that it is big enough to fit at least two to three raccoons.

Possible Accidents When doing a DIY Trapping

Once again, trapping and capturing by yourself can cause be a bit risky as you can be prone to possible accidents or problems.

For a better understanding of what this concerns are all about, here are some of the possible accidents you may encounter when you DIY:

  • Raccoon Bites may have some rabies. You do not know what kinds of dirt and virus they might be carrying.
  • Exposure to their feces may cause some serious health problems. Exposure to rat feces are the same as with raccoons. Be careful.

Raccoon Reppeling and Other Tips To Keep In Mind

raccoon-reppeling-and-other-tips-to-keep-in-mindRaccoons can be cute or adorable when you first see them, but at the same time, they can be destructive and dangerous when not handled properly.

Here are some of the tips and notes to keep in mind when you have to deal with the raccoons:

  • Do not forget to seal your trash bins properly. This would avoid the invite of friendly nocturnal pests into your property.
  • They like water, and swimming pools can be their haven. It is best to cover your pool at night, when they are out and about roaming around.
  • Bait is a small part of the trapping equation, so pick just about any food. But make sure the traps are effective and durable. Raccoons just might escape out as you catch them through this method.
  • To protect your well- preserved and loved garden, make sure that they do not bear fruits. If they do so, you can purchase OMI approved chemicals. Then you can put it in your lawn and garden to rightly repel your visitors

Keep in mind that the main key to these nocturnal animals is your household management. Always make sure to check your entire house before any purchase are to be made. Inspect first whether or not the area is a place which raccoons have easy access to.


conclusionYour waste management is the secondary key point. Never forget to have a routine home inspection. Try to see if there are holes or whatnot wherein pests such as rats and raccoons may enter.

You may never know if you already are housing these pests. That is until there are a number of them for your attention.

Choose traps that are effective and safe for these animals. They have been hunted enough, and killing them will not lessen the visitors you have.

Take note of this.

If one of them reached your place, you can never be sure of that. Some of their members may have already found your place.

Rats can signal their commander or brothers or sisters that your place is a haven. They can constantly raid into and worse, even settle into your home. Which means you can never be too sure that raccoons does not have this kind of system too.

By properly managing the pests, you are protecting yourself from further damages and visits from them.

Lastly, no matter how destructive these raccoons are, keep in mind that they are still animals.

They belong to their natural wild habitat but someone got lost in your land. Your goal after catching them is not to make them pay for what they had destroyed, but to bring them back to their home.